Monday, July 11, 2011

my sunglasses are like my guitar.

Summer means more than air conditioning and going to the beach. These are the memories we carry with us in those cold winter months, so make the most of it. Whatever plans you've got this summer, whether it's a road trip, or walks around the block with your dog, make sure you are sun safe. Always remember to use sunscreen and have fun with accessories! Hats and sunglasses are a really fun way to protect yourself from the sun and vamp up an outfit.

I have an obsession with sunglasses that started a few years ago. They somehow started to accumulate! I have a weakness for statement glasses. Anything fun, bright, retro, or with a pattern, and I am sold!

Most of my sunglasses are fairly cheap, under $30, except for a pair of retro-style Ray Bans I splurged on. Whether you decide to splurge or save, there is a ton of variety out there. Even if there is a particular style you tend to go for, think about trying something a little different this summer and see what happens! I recently bought a cheap pair of big oversize sunglasses from Ardene's and I adore them.

Here are a couple of pairs of designer sunglasses I love (but can't afford!):
- Marc Jacobs 2011 Women's Sunglasses MJ349
- Louis Vuitton 2011 Women's Sunglasses Z0105W

Whatever styles you love, have fun with it and stay sun safe this summer! Be sure to let me know what your favourite types of sunglasses are and what designer pairs you're drooling over!

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