Wednesday, July 20, 2011

and you open the door to change.

I stumbled into the world of makeup tutorial videos shortly before this past Halloween. The holiday was my excuse to be Ke$ha for an evening and I planned to make the most of it. My costume was planned down to the smallest of details: Neon pink lace leggings ripped with expertise, feathers, and glitter ready to go.

All that was left to do, was figure out my makeup.

Eventually, I did find a decent tutorial, and my Halloween makeup was a success. The bigger success, however, was that a whole new world had opened up to me. There were makeup tutorials on just about everything you could think of. I became a kid in a candy store, staying up late, wanting to watch everything I could.

Not all makeup tutorials are created equally, however. But with enough time and a little luck, you can find some fantastic channels. Some are more well-known than others, but everyone starts somewhere!

One of my absolute favourite YouTube makeup tutorials are by The Makeup Chair. You can also check out her Facebook page here: Sineady Cady.

What sets out The Makeup Chair from so many other makeup channels, is the range in content. From the basics to more advanced tutorials, celebrity makeup tutorials, makeup hauls, storage videos, and even videos on becoming a makeup artist, everything is covered. I also love that she uses a mixture of drugstore products with slightly more upscale products. (In so many other channels, people get caught up in the brand rather than which product is the most effective.) I highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel. There are so many fantastic videos to check out!

Recently, she posted a summer makeup video, where she created this beautiful smokey eye that I fell in love with. I recreated this look before I went out the other day and the look was really long-lasting. I didn't have to worry about the heat or checking my makeup all day. It was lovely!

Here is the aforementioned video:

Be sure to check out TheMakeupChair and let me know your thoughts on makeup tutorials!


  1. Thank you so much Shannon that is so sweet! Little tear :') You did an awesome job recreating the look, I think I like yours better :) xx

  2. You're right, I really like this youtube channel! And you did an amazing job at copying those eyes, you look fab in that picture!