Saturday, May 14, 2022

bath & body works haul (may 2022)

It is no secret that I love Bath & Body Works products a lot. An awful lot. During the pandemic shut downs, I was desperately missing the foaming hand soaps from the brand. I ran out and wasn't comfortable heading to the mall to buy more for quite some time. Thankfully, in the last six months or so, I've been able to stock up on the foaming hand soaps and was even gifted an assortment of Bath & Body Works items over the holidays. Recently, a standalone Bath & Body Works store opened not too far from where I live. That meant that I was able to stock up on a few more items without having to deal with mall crowds and a lot of people. In fact, the store was essentially empty when I visited. Though there was an awful lot that I wanted to take home with me, I focused on filling in some of the gaps instead. The end result? A little Bath & Body Works haul. 

Candle - Sprinkled Birthday Cake. Did I need a new candle? Not exactly. There are many in my home that are currently in use. Most of those are vanilla scented, gingerbread scented, pumpkin spice scented, or marshmallow scented. (Clearly, I like when my candles smell like food!) As amazing as all of those candles are, the Sprinkled Birthday Cake candle was appealing because not only did it smell like food, but it was sweet and light, which made it extra perfect for this time of year. I am absolutely loving this candle. It makes everything feel a little sunnier. Plus, I love the matte pink candle design.

Wallflowers - Assorted Fragrances. Now for a few products that I was actually in need of. I really love the Wallflowers that plug into the wall. These are a great way to enjoy a lovely scent throughout the day, without having to keep an eye on a candle. Unfortunately, I had run out of Wallflowers, so since there was a sale on, I brought five home with me. The scents were: Strawberry Daiquiri, Watermelon Lemonade, Smoked Vanilla, Raspberries and Whipped Vanilla, and Strawberry Poundcake. Yes, anything food related seems to be a winner with me. Currently, I have Smoked Vanilla plugged in, and it smells wonderful! A little bit like Marshmallow Fireside, but not exactly the same. It is enjoyable nonetheless and I look forward to plugging in more of those summer themed scents as the months pass and spring turns to summer once more. 

Shower Gel - Assorted Fragrances. The items I needed most? Shower gels. There are many different shower gels out there, but the Bath & Body Works ones smell the best. I am obsessed with them. They feel like such a treat! This time, I picked up You're The One, Saltwater Breeze, and Strawberry Pound Cake. They all smell wonderful, but I am currently using Saltwater Breeze and wish that I had picked up more than one. It smells divine. So fresh and summery in the best possible way. It makes me feel relaxed, pampered, and joyful. This is one my favourite shower gel scents from the brand ever. 

Cleansing Body Mousse - Pastel Skies. Something totally different? The Pastel Skies Cleansing Body Mousse. I have never tried one of their body mousse products before, so that was interesting to me. I've tried the Dove ones before and enjoyed I was certainly curious! I actually picked this one up because the Pastel Skies scent was so fabulous. Unfortunately, there was nothing else in the store at the time that came in that scent. So, a mousse it was. I haven't tried this out yet, but I am definitely looking forward to it. At least I know that it will smell absolutely amazing. 

Body Lotion - Confetti Daydream. Okay, I didn't exactly need this Confetti Daydream body lotion either. I currently have two other Bath & Body Works body lotions on-the-go and had made a decision not to purchase anymore until those were finished. But then Confetti Daydream happened. It wasn't available in the shower gel...and I fell head over heels for the scent. This is a nice fruity floral scent, which is totally my kind of vibe. I also really love the bottle. The design is so aesthetically pleasing. 

So, there you have it. My latest Bath & Body Works haul. There is an awful lot that I am loving currently and an awful lot that will be loved in the future. It is good to know that I am fully stocked on body care products that smell phenomenal. 

Have you tried any of these items? Are you a fan of Bath & Body Works? 


  1. I love bath-body products:) thanks for your sharing...

  2. Great haul! And I love love that candle, might get one too!


  3. me ha gustado todo, sobre todo las velas

  4. Thanks a lot <3 Oh yes I love the colours and straight style too. Thank you very much =)
    Yes my day was really fabulous, I had so much fun with my friends <3 The bubble waffle was so delicious <3 :D Thanks a lot, I like my new stuff too.

    A really nice Bath & Body Works Haul =) The candle with birthday cake sounds so nice. The fragrances are cute =) The strawberry shower gel would be something for me <3 :D If I ever come to the USA I will buy some Bath & Body Works products too =)

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, the candle smells so good. I absolutely love it! I hope you are able to try out these products one day or something similar.

  5. That candle sounds amazing! And this is such a nice haul! it's great you were able to visit and enjoy browsing the store without worrying about crowds too!

    Hope you are having a good weekend. It's another rainy day here!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Yes, it was so great to not have to deal with a lot of people. That is still something that I am struggling with...crowds! Thank you very much. I hope you are having a great weekend and are staying dry!

  6. All things look wonderful. I would like to try this brand.