Sunday, June 6, 2021

review: too faced teddy bare eyeshadow palette

Neutral eyeshadow palettes are nothing new. Most beauty lovers have at least one or two floating around their makeup collection. Personally? I have several. The most recent one is probably the One/Size Visionary Eyeshadow Palette. (You can take a closer look at that neutral palette here.) I fell in love with the unique spin on easy-to-wear neutrals. With lots of beloved everyday palettes already in my collection, another neutral palette was not exactly on my radar. Until the Teddy Bare - Bare It All Eyeshadow Palette from Too Faced was released. The theme was undeniably adorable. The shades looked warm and wearable. It was too hard to resist. Here is everything you need to know about this teddy bear themed eyeshadow palette. 

When it comes to the outer is perfection. This eyeshadow palette comes in a metal or tin kind of container. The lettering is raised and then there is that oh-so-adorable teddy bear design on the front. Inside, there are fourteen eyeshadow shades. One of the eyeshadow shades has the Too Faced logo printed on it and another has the teddy bear image printed on it. Such a cute little detail! Then on the back of the eyeshadow palette, there are the eyeshadow shade names. While I don't love the shade names being on the back (it can be annoying having to flip back and forth in order to determine which shade you are using) this instance it makes sense. The Teddy Bare - Bare It All Eyeshadow Palette from Too Faced is actually fairly small and compact. It is much smaller than I anticipated it would be! However, that is actually a good thing. This would be an ideal palette to take with you on the go. Weekend getaways, vacations, and last minute touch ups would be made much easier thanks to this super sturdy and compact design. This will certainly be a travel must-have for me in future.

Now to take a closer look inside! There are two larger pans (The Snuggle is Real and Sharing is Caring) which are excellent crease shades or blending shades. Then there are twelve smaller pans with a selection of shimmer and matte colours. As you can see from the photo above, there are lots of warm  dusty rose kind of shades, warm browns, and even a warm plumb. Then there are some lighter blending shades and the addition of a really unique warm mustard shade (Teddy Bear). As for the shimmers? There are different shades of gold, a warm burgundy shade, and a gorgeous warm pink. These are the perfect compliments to those matte shades. Want to take a closer look? Here are swatches from the Teddy Bare Eyeshadow Palette. 

Top Row: The Snuggle is Real, Fur Real, Teddy Bear, Pot of Honey, Embareassed, Lace Teddy, Boop. 
Bottom Row: Bare It All, Mama Bear, Gild a Bare, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Press Paws, Stuffed, Sharing is Caring.

As you can see from those swatches, these have some serious pigmentation. Both the mattes and shimmers perform well and can be mixed and matched with ease. This is a real no-brainer kind of eyeshadow palette. It doesn't matter which shades you mix together....the outcome will be beautiful. I love these warm colours, the combination of matte and shimmer, and the fact that there are light, medium, and slightly deeper shades to choose from. The textures are really smooth and the shades blend really easily. I love the way these eyeshadows perform, the shade selection, and the packaging. There is so much to love.

When it comes to the theme, the Bare It All Eyeshadow Palette is top notch. The teddy bear on the front is such a cute addition. I also love all of the eyeshadow names and the teddy bear themed colours inside. It is a wonderful way to add something cute to your makeup collection. Not to mention, the fact that this palette is scented. It is supposed to smell like honey graham crackers, but to me it just smells pleasant and sweet. The palette smells wonderful but when you apply the actual doesn't smell like anything and didn't cause any irritation. This scented product really fit the theme and added to the overall enjoyment of the Teddy Bare release. 

Want to take a closer look at the eyeshadow palette? Then be sure to check out my latest YouTube video:

The Too Faced Teddy Bare Eyeshadow Palette is fabulous. I love the theme, the compact packaging, the shade selection, and overall quality. It has been making my days a little happier and I know this palette will be used for travel in future. 

Have you tried this palette? Are you a fan of Too Faced?


  1. Boa tarde. Esses estojo maravilhoso seria sucesso total aqui no Brasil.

    1. Oh for sure! I think the cute packaging would make it popular in a lot of places!

  2. Very interesting review! Thanks for sharing.

    Infinitely Posh

  3. My favorite tones, I love *-*

  4. Replies
    1. Right? They are super pretty! Thank you so much for your comment!

  5. these shimmers are so cute! love the packaging as well, too cute

    1. Absolutely! I love shimmery shadows from Too Faced. They are always so gorgeous.