Thursday, June 24, 2021

2 looks 1 palette: morphe x maddie ziegler eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow is my favourite. Though there are many fabulous beauty products out there...eyeshadow is where the fun stuff really happens. You can embrace colour or stick to something simple and neutral. The Morphe x Maddie Ziegler collaboration, The Imagination Palette, makes it possible to do both. There are so many fabulous and unexpected colours as well as warm neutrals and shades to create a bold smokey eye look. There are so many possibilities! Since this is a newer item in my makeup collection, it has been extra exciting seeing where the palette will take me. Ready for another 2 looks 1 palette post? Here are some recent makeup looks featuring the Morphe x Maddie Ziegler eyeshadow palette.

Look #1: Ultra Warm Glam

The first look using the Morphe x Maddie Ziegler eyeshadow palette made good use of those warm eyeshadow shades. It started with a bit of Latte (medium brown) to shape the crease. Then that was blended out with Like Butter (bright yellow shade). I really wanted to incorporate that yellow colour into the look to add a bit of brightness but still make it super warm and wearable. The end result was more like a sunset thanks to that small addition! Then on the lid it was Kenny (warm rust) with a bit of Godmom (glittery champagne) layered on top. There was a bit of Pantera (matte black) blended through the crease and along the lower lash line for more drama. To finish it all off, I used Butterfly Fantasy (bright cream) in the inner corner. Some mascara and liner finished off the eyes. There was a bit of bronzer on the cheeks and then the Too Faced Gingerbread Melted Matte in the shade Gingerbread Man on the lips with some of the Stila lip gloss in Casual Friday. The finished look was really warm and glamorous...and I was really happy with the way that it turned out.

Look #2: Colourful and Fun

Next was a look that was a lot more colourful. With so many incredible eyeshadow shades to choose from in The Imagination was an absolute must to highlight some of them. One of my personal favourites is the colour She Insists (matte lilac purple). So it became the star of the show. I applied that shade all over the eyelid and then added in some Possy (shimmery deep purple) to deepen the outer portion and blend through the crease. To add in even more colour, the shade Mint (matte mint green) was applied to the lower lash line for an unexpected pop. Then there was some eyeliner, mascara, and a soft pink blush on the cheeks. The lips were just as colourful. I reached for a soft pink NYX lipstick in the shade Istanbul and dotted on a little bit of a purple KVD liquid lipstick in the center. This look was a lot of fun to create and a little bit different for me. 

Not all eyeshadow palettes are created equally. One of the reasons the Morphe x Maddie Ziegler eyeshadow palette stands out is because it blends those everyday shades with unexpected colours. The end result? Lots and lots of versatility. 

What do you think of these makeup looks? Which one is your favourite? 


  1. This Febreze fragrance is really nice, it's so fruity and fresh =) Yes ice cubes with berries are so beautiful <3 Love them :D

    Nice post, this palette is so beautiful =) Love those colours, perfect for summer. Your make up looks are both cute, but I like the second one a little bit more <3

  2. Wow, it's nice to see bright colors there! Pretty and fun shades. You stunning as always, dear!

    1. The colours are so bright and fun. I need to keep incorporating them into my makeup looks!

  3. te han quedado los dos preciosos, pero el naranja, me lo guardo a ver si ami me queda

  4. Gorgeous colourful palette and love your makeup looks :-D