Sunday, November 5, 2017

i'm not getting old. i'm getting better.

I love birthdays. While many of my peers cringe at the thought of another year gone by, there are few things I look forward to more than my birthday. I guess I’m a bit of a birthday brat – even now. There’s a reason for it! I have a twin brother, so growing up we always shared our birthday parties, cake, and sometimes even our presents. Once I was old enough to organize my own birthday celebrations, I went full force. I invited every single one of my friends out to dinner, organized themed get togethers, and spent the entire month of October in blissful anticipation. It felt good to celebrate my birthday my way.

Over the last few years, I have gone decidedly more low-key when it comes to celebrating….but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to make the occasion special. This year, I took a few days off from work, went to the aquarium, had dinner with my family, went to a drag show with my sister, and spent time with people that make me happy. My birthday has become an excuse to spend some time with the people I care about most. And that is pretty special.

On that note! Here are some of the highlights from my birthday week. Memories, fashion, makeup, and so much more.....

These were given to me by my friend Michelle before the Hanson concert. It was a total surprise and it meant a lot. There will be a review on those products soon, so stay tuned! 

On the morning of my birthday, my husband and I went to the aquarium with his mom and aunt (because it was also their birthday), had lunch at Wahlburgers, and then went back home to spend time with my family, eat dinner at Pizza Hut, and enjoy some homemade cake.

The day after my birthday was the RuPaul Werq the World drag show. While the show itself had great moments (like Shangela and Kim Chi)...the entire lineup had been changed with no notice or offer of refunds. So the person I was most looking forward to, I did not see. Unimpressed! 

The day after that was a Bob Ross inspired paint night with my husband and our two friends. It was a lot of work to set up...and ridiculously difficult to follow Bob's instructions (he makes it seem so easy!) but we wound up with some decent paintings. 

.....and the day after that was a dinner with some friends I hadn't seen in a very long time. I was definitely feeling my makeup that night! 

My birthday is over but I certainly made the most of the celebration. From friends to family….it was one to remember.

How do you celebrate your birthday? 

xo Shannon


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  2. happy b day to you! u look amazing btw :D

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  4. ;D

    Meus parabéns!

    Ótima segunda!

    Beijo! ^^

  5. Happy belated birthday! You have a twin brother?! I can totally see how birthdays would be fun in your house. Also, 2 thumbs up for Wahlburgers.

  6. Sounds you like had an awesome bday celebration.:) Belated Happy Birthday! You look fab in all these pics. And that drag show...want to see that:)

  7. Happy birthday, Shannon! It looks like you had so much fun. :)

    ☆ ☆

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  9. wow I love your make up Dear:) You have a talent:)

  10. Happy Birthday! Seems like you had a great day! And I really like your make-up!

  11. Nice foto