Friday, August 25, 2017

trend alert: the resurgence of 70s fashion

You’ve heard all about the 90s fashion trend. Currently, everything from chokers to grunge inspired plaid is in style. Good news! That isn’t the only re-emerging fashion trend to pay attention to. Styles inspired by the 70s are back in a big way. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rock a pair of flares and a loose fitting blouse? Now is your chance. This season, you can make the most of this iconic decade. Think fitted jeans with dramatic bell-bottoms, floppy hats, dramatic – and almost dizzying – prints, and everything in between.

Fashion in the 1970s was all about contrast. Think tight vs. flowy, bohemian vs. done up pantsuits. (If you need a healthy dose of inspiration, check out some of my 70s icons, like John Denver, the Partridge Family, and Donny and Marie on YouTube). Now that these bold fashion trends have returned, it is time to wear them right. Want to make the most of the 70s fashion resurgence? Here are a few wardrobe musts to incorporate into your next looks.

Faux Fur Trim. Remember old TV shows or magazine ads where the women always wore long jackets with dramatic trim? It might have looked dated at the time but this is totally back in style. To fully embrace the seventies trend this season, keep your eyes peeled for a coat with embellishments. It might be an embroidered design, a paisley print, or a fur trim. The great thing about a long 70s style coat? It is super versatile and perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Rock Fun Prints. Speaking of paisley, if you want to infuse your wardrobe with a little retro inspiration, then opt for prints. It could be paisley, leaves, an intricate design, or even a patchwork look. Maxi dresses with an old school print is a great option as is a gorgeous blouse. They can be dressed up or dressed down. It all depends on how you accessorize – and how committed you are to the 70s trend. 

Flares and Floppy Hats. One of the best pairings the 70s had to offer were flares and floppy hats. Both were fantastic moments in fashion. No wonder they continue to pop up every now and again! Grab an oversized sunhat from any clothing store to add a little retro style to your ensemble. Or pick up a pair of unforgettable flares. Look for a pair that is high waisted, tight on the legs, and with an ultra dramatic bell at the bottom. The contrast between tight and loose will create a fashion forward look that gives a bold nod to the past. 

Are you a fan of 1970s inspired fashion?

xo Shannon


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  4. I totally dig the 70's style, Shannon:) Very cool, esp. the fur trim on jackets. Bianca Jagger was such a total fashion icon and really fun to emulate. IRL though, my lifestyle doesn't call much for rocker babe style, but I still love it:D

  5. Nice post! I'm definitely a fan of 1970s inspired fashion, especially when it comes to fur trim on jackets :)
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