Friday, November 4, 2016

how i celebrated my birthday.

Woosh! It feels like everything is moving so quickly lately. All of these noteworthy events are zooming by....before I can even pause to appreciate them. That is what brings me to today's blog post. I wanted to commemorate my 30th birthday celebration in some small way. To look back, reflect, and remember. It was certainly a jam-packed few days full of friends and family.

It all started on the Friday. I booked the day off of work (even though my birthday wasn't until the Monday) to enjoy a nice relaxing day. Though I did writing work for a lot of felt nice to stay in my PJs all morning. That night, my best friend and I went to dinner and a movie. She spoiled me with awesome birthday surprises, like a celebratory hat, pin, sparklers, noise makers, and some gorgeous accessories. Though the movie we saw was only so-so (Keeping Up With The Jonses was not as good as I hoped it would be) it was still an awesome night.

Nights out and my new Matilda t-shirt. Love it!

The Saturday was equally busy. My husband took me downtown to see Matilda the Musical. Definitely a fabulous birthday gift. The musical itself was really well done and I enjoyed seeing it. Though, I confess, the best part of the performance was the merchandise table. I bought an amazing t-shirt that I am mildly obsessed with. After that, we went to check in at our hotel, mix a few drinks, and watch TV. Then it was off to dinner with some friends.

Sunday was pretty much perfect. My husband and I went out for breakfast in the city ( favourite! They even had Rudolph shaped pancakes. Day made!) and did some shopping. We wandered the mall, bought a few presents, and splurged a little. Then it was home to watch a movie and catch up on some sleep.

Sunday shopping stuffed people, candles, makeup, CDs, DVDs, and a book!

Then it was time for my actual birthday. I have a twin brother, so I always always spend my birthday with my family. I got there early in the afternoon while my Dad and brother were still at work. When I got there? My mom had totally decorated everything. I had decided since I was turning 30 that my theme would be crypt keeper. So she had skull hands leading up the walkway, an inflatable grim reaper on the porch, and a sign at the front door. The inside of the house was decorated as well. There was even a grim reaper on the couch and a cake decorated with skull hands. It was so cool. Not just the decorations themselves, but the fact that she went to so much trouble to make my birthday special. I felt happy, blessed, and loved.

We spent the afternoon catching up on shows and talking. Then my Dad and brother came home and we opened presents. (My brother and I were incredibly spoiled....but I will show you all of that in a post next week!) After that, we headed out to Pizza Hut, which is my favourite place to eat, to enjoy a birthday dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. Then it was back to the house for cake. By the end of the night, I was very full and very happy.

There were definitely a lot of highlights. This was a birthday to remember, for sure.

xo Shannon


  1. Oh my best wishes to you~
    Happy Birthday

  2. Wow, that wounds like an awesome weekend!! Happy belated birthday!! Great idea taking off of work - we all deserve a day of relaxation. Let me know how the Michael Buble CD is!

  3. Happy birthday.

  4. Happy birthday

  5. What a beautyful eyes you have, dear. New subscriber over here. Happy B Day ;)
    Instagram "Baddie" makeup tutorial

  6. that looked like such a cool birthday, and love those stuffed toys, so cute :D

  7. Happy birthday dear!! It seems like your birthday was a lot of fun!

  8. Happy birthday. Sure it was full of fun. Always great to spend a birthday with a love one