Friday, November 18, 2016

current obsession: rimmel scandal eyes rockin' curves

I wasn't looking for a new mascara. There are several in my collection that I use frequently and love. Some are on the more expensive side (like They're Real! by Benefit and DiorShow by Dior) and others are on the less expensive side (The Super Sizer by Cover Girl is my all time favourite). So when my husband gave me the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves mascara as part of my birthday gift....I had pretty low expectations. I assumed it would be a somewhat okay mascara that I would use for work now and then. Wrong! This mascara has seriously blown me away. It is fantastic.

The mascara itself creates super bold eyelashes. The colour is jet black (I personally hate when a mascara is only sort of black. I like it when my lashes are super dramatic and dark) and it creates both volume and length. There is such a huge difference when the product is applied. It adds a ton of drama to any look and is the perfect finishing touch.

My favourite thing about this mascara? The wand. This is called Rockin' Curves for a reason! The wand itself has an S-shaped curve, with smaller bristles at the tip and larger bristles along the middle and bottom. The shape makes it so easy to apply the mascara. The curve works with my eye shape perfectly and makes application on the bottom lashes a total breeze. It is a serious game changer. I am totally obsessed with this wand. It works well and really speeds up my morning! 

Overall, the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Rockin' Curves mascara definitely exceeded my expectations. It works well, adds tons of drama to any makeup look, and has a unique wand that simplifies application. It was a very happy surprise! 

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it?

xo Shannon


  1. Yes I've tried this one! I really haven't found any mascaras that I love - I usually get a different one every time. I do remember really loving this one, though. I have yet to try They're Real! but I've heard really amazing things and I feel like I would love it. Too bad if I do love it, since it's kind of pricey haha!

  2. Lovely item.

  3. Hello friend, what interesting mascara, I liked the post and as I love to have long eyelashes I will already research if I find this product here where I live :)

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  4. Sounds reallyreally awesome
    I geuss i mighty try it

  5. Wow!
    I did not know this mascara but now I'm curious and I want to buy it!