Friday, February 19, 2016

looking back is always beautiful.

Holidays are special. They give the world this beautiful glimmer of joy and happiness. Even in the middle of winter. Valentine's Day, for instance. Though most of us were stuck dealing with the winter all seemed to melt away. For a day at least. Now that it has come and gone? It is time to look back, reflect, and smile. That is the great thing about holidays. Even after they are over - you can remember the special moments. Which is exactly what I am doing today. Finally I have a chance to pause and look back. Work is on hold. Responsibilities can wait. This is my moment to remember the magic and wonder that was Valentine's Day.

It started off badly. The day before Valentine's Day, I messed up my back. I was in so much pain that I could not bend or stand up straight without being in pain. It felt like one wrong move and the whole thing would go out. This made me a little nervous. Would I be better in time for the big celebration? No. My back was just as messed up on the actual day. Despite this, I pushed through. I decided to do things in small bits. Since my husband was at work for most of the day....I was able to get groceries. Lie down with a heating pad. Bake cookies. Lie down with a heating pad. It went on and on that way. Yet somehow everything got done in time.

As I have mentioned before, my husband does not "believe" in Valentine's Day. Which....I get his reasoning. But I am never one to miss out on a good holiday! So, I decorated, gave him some small gifts, made dinner, and baked. I don't mind doing this. He does so much on a day-to-day basis that it feels good to treat him every now and then. Even though he doesn't do Valentine's Day? He ended up giving me some candy, a Betsey Johnson perfume, and ordering me Audrey Hepburn movies online. Not on Valentine's Day. Just because. So that was nice. It all went pretty well. A laid back evening....with heart shaped cookies.

What did you do for Valentine's Day this year?

xo Shannon


  1. all the best and happy hearts day <3

  2. I hope your back's okay now. And btw, that's really sweet of your husband. Well at least he made an effort to make you feel special :)

    Airish xx

  3. Hope your back is fully ok now.
    and that's too sweet!

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  4. Great V-Day treatment, congrats! Kisses!

  5. I spent a lovely V-day with hubby, we went out for lunch and for dinner since this year it was on a Sunday ! Plus it was also my name day as my name is Valentina and we celebrate name day in Italy. Glad you had a sweet time as well. Kisses

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  6. You had such a nice V day :) I spent V day looking after the little one :D She is my new Valentine after all ;-)

  7. Oh no! Hope your back feels better!! Love all the little vday details!


  8. I'm so glad you had a lovely time Shannon!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  9. Aw babe hope you feel better! Flowers and chocolate can lift that bod right up ;D

    Thank you for the visit hun, the entire blog’s been redesigned!
    Would love to get your thoughts!

    Xx- Julie

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  10. Oh is good thing your valentine's day turn out good, for 16 years being together with my husband, one thing that I learned when you want your spouse to do something for you, you have to do it first and if do it with love usually they will do it back to us. And so sorry for your back, I hope you got better by now. xoxo