Monday, February 29, 2016

in love with: Valentina

There is something special about jewellery. The right piece does so much more than add interest to an ordinary outfit. It makes you feel something. Suddenly? Your self confidence rises. You walk a little taller. You feel stronger. Bolder. Happier. It might not make sense on paper....but accessories are powerful. This is something I believe in wholeheartedly. There are certain items in my collection that make me feel that way. One of them? Comes from Valentina. 

This is an online store that does so much more than sell jewellery. Their pieces give you that larger-than-life feeling. That I-can-do-anything attitude. Best of all? They give back. Valentina specializes in unique charm bracelets. Each one is beautiful, easy to wear, and effortlessly glamorous. That's not all. These pieces also benefit different charities. 10% of the proceeds are donated. (To charities like the WWF, Fauna and Flora, RSPB, Woodland Trust, and the Marine Conservation.) That makes each bracelet both gorgeous and giving.

Recently I received a stunning charm bracelet from the company. Honestly? It was love at first sight. While browsing through the different designs on their website...there were a number of pieces that stood out to me. Some had stunning colours. Some with delicate charms. Some with more unique charms. But each bracelet had something special about it. I wasn't sure which one to choose. Then I saw it. Icecap. It took my breath away. Not only gave me this indescribable feeling in the pit of my stomach. That to me is the sign of good match. When an accessory doesn't just look pretty. It speaks to you. Icecap spoke to me.

There was something about the colours. The intricate details on the charms. The elegance. Combined? They created the most beautiful charm bracelet I had ever seen. Then when I saw that a portion of the proceeds would be donated to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds? I knew this was the bracelet for me. So you can imagine how eagerly I waited for it to arrive. Then it did. And it exceeded any expectations I might have had. 

It came in a textured white box. There was black velvet on the inside and each piece was wrapped individually. (A fun note: all of their outer packaging is 100% bio-degradable. They sim to support their causes through donations and their business practices. Needless to say....impressed.) First there was the oh-so-beautiful Icecap charm bracelet. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The bracelet was sturdy, made from high-quality materials, and absolutely gorgeous! Each charm was so detailed and intricate. It truly feels like a special piece of jewellery. And I love the way I feel whenever I put it on. Which quite frankly, is often. I will make any excuse to incorporate this bracelet into my outfit. 

Then there were these unexpected extras. Valentina sent along a silver plated necklace chain, a silver plated cuff, and a beautiful selection of charms. That meant not only could I enjoy the stunning Icecap bracelet....but I had the opportunity to customize a necklace or cuff. It was such a treat! As you can see from the photo above, I decided to make my own cuff. And I love the way it turned out. It looks beautiful - and it is the perfect add on to any outfit. The chain itself is gorgeous as well. I plan to wear it by adding on a few of those beautiful charms, 

Overall, I am so so happy with my experience. Valentina is outstanding. Both in terms of design and quality. They really went the extra mile to deliver an incredible product. Plus they give back! What could be better than that? I am so happy with these gorgeous pieces. They are versatile, glamorous, and make me feel amazing. 

Want to see the bracelet in action? I incorporated it into a recent date night outfit....and posted it on my YouTube channel.

For more information - or to check out their amazing selection - be sure to visit the Valentina website:

What do you think of these pieces? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

xo Shannon


  1. This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, Shannon. Happy new week, girl.

  2. Pretty piece! Love it and looks beautiful on you in the video <3

    Lots of love from VOH!

  3. Hello,

    So amazing ! :D


  4. You are so right about how we feel when we wear jewelries, and with jewelry like that I feel like royalty, it look like expensive jewelries! I love the pink one and your video is gorgeous. xoxo

  5. wow this bracelet with charms is fantastic!

  6. gorgeous!

  7. Love the different bracelet options!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  8. That bracelet is so nice! Love it!

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