Tuesday, December 1, 2015

make it a december to remember.

It's here! December is finally here. It sounds strange, but this is something I have been anxiously awaiting. As you know (if you have read any of my recent posts in particular), the holiday season is a very special time for me. I love absolutely everything about it. That includes the decorating, wrapping presents, watching TV specials, listening to music, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you spend time with people you love. Most of the time? The holidays feel busy and hectic. But at the same time? They are a wonderful way to slow down and appreciate all of the blessings we have. Like a loving family and good friends.

Since we are officially in December now, I thought I would do a post about some of my current favourites. They include a few makeup items and some seasonal musts. Take a look....and be sure to let me know if any of these have made your own current favourites list!

1. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Underage Red (This is the perfect holiday shade!)
2. Flower Beauty Eye 2 Eye (I love how this creates a gorgeous cat-eye in no time flat)
3. Hallmark Channel Movies (My obsession? Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies. My goal is to watch all of the new ones for 2015!)
4. Candy Cane Ice Cream (This stuff literally tastes like Christmas. Chocolate? Candy Cane? Ice cream? YES.)
5. White Hot Chocolate (It has become a holiday tradition for my husband and I to enjoy this!)
6. Bing Crosby Christmas Music (I love this CD more than words can describe. It is amazing.)

There you have it. Those are a few of the things I am loving at the moment. They make me smile and give me that holiday glow.

What are your seasonal favourites?

xo Shannon


  1. I love the lipstick! :)

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  2. That lipstick!!!! <3

  3. beautiful selection


  4. Yes December! Christmas! I love love love Bing Crosby. Also, of course, the Michael Buble Christmas album! I just love this time of year too. I start celebrating way earlier than I should :P