Thursday, December 17, 2015

get glitzy this holiday season.

My favourite thing about the holiday season? All of the glitter. Everywhere you turn it seems the world is sparkling. Snowdrifts manage to have a soft glistening appearance....and makeup and fashion develops an undeniable glint. Ahh, there is nothing quite like it. The magic of the season is truly remarkable. No wonder so many of us aim for glitter and glitz during this time of year. There are special dinners, work events, and get togethers with good friends. Nothing goes better with those meaningful moments than a little twinkle. So today.....this post is all about glitter! That's right. This is your guide to achieving the perfect holiday style.

Focus Your Attention On That Seasonal Wardrobe. Take a look at your closet. What do you see? Dark colours and little black dresses? Forget them. At least for now. This is your chance to change things up and really embrace seasonal style. Choose something ultra glamorous. It could be a bold sequined dress, a sequined skirt, or even a sweater with tons of glittery sheen. You will turn heads wherever you go. Guaranteed! 

Give Your Eyes That Perfect Pop! Have you been searching for the right makeup look? You know, the one that will make you look and feel your best? Whether you have a special holiday date night or are attending a work function this month....a little glitter can go an awfully long way. Grab a glitter infused eyeliner for a subtle pop. Or layer a shimmery or glitter based eyeshadow over top of your favourite shades. Your eyes will be the focus all night long.

Add a Little Sparkle To Your Accessories. Accessories are powerful things. In my opinion? They can make or break an outfit. The right piece can transform your look and take it to a whole new level of stunning. One way to do that this winter? Choose accessories with some sparkle! It could be shoes. a hair accessory, or even a belt. See what you have - and what will compliment your chosen outfit. Just think of all the wonderful possibilities. 

Take Your Nail Art To a Glittery Place. It is time. The finishing touches for your ultra glitzy holiday look. Amp up your OOTD with some gorgeous - and glam - nails. During the holiday season, I love to layer glittery polishes over seasonal shades. Like red and green. Or you can always stick to stunning metallics. Gold and silver are never amiss! By the time your nails are dry you will be ready to take on the world. 

This season? You are going to look phenomenal. All it takes is some well placed glitter. Put these tips to good use and get ready to see the difference.

Share your own holiday fashion tips!

xo Shannon


  1. Love this post! loving the glitter, it's so festive!


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  3. glitters are perfect for holiday season! thanks for sharing!

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  4. ahaha I love the glitter and in fact during this p

  5. You are so right, golden glitter is perfect for the holiday season!
    ♡ Kristina

  6. Love these glitzy holiday inspirations! I absolutely love glitter, but I find that it gets EVERYWHERE! I tried out a glitter eyeshadow a week ago and literally just found some on my cats head today hahaha Maybe I'll do a sparkly nail so it stays put this time. Hope you're doing well :)


  7. ...I love glitters in this period!!!!!!