Friday, August 8, 2014

together we stand, divided we fall.

Have you heard the news? Pretty Little Liar's Ashley Benson is the new face of H&M's Divided line. (In case you missed the announcement, be sure to check out my post for Style It Rock It on her celebrity endorsement!) Okay, so I don't always run off and buy pieces simply because a celebrity puts their name - and face - to it. But my gosh, how cute are the designs? I love the LA meets Paris flair, the edgy details, and the flirtatious feel. I admit it: I ran to H&M to take a look at the collection for myself. And yes, I ended up buying a few of the pieces.

My mom and I ended up going to the mall the other weekend. Just to take a look around! I am massively cutting back on my spending, so everything I bought was either on sale or something I desperately wanted. It's a start, right? On that is my haul, featuring pieces from  H&M's Divided collection. Take a look!

Let's start with the non H&M pieces. I picked up a cute pair of orange floral wedges (only $25. Score!) for my upcoming trip and a cropped sweater for $10 at one of my favourite stores. The deals were too good....I couldn't resist. Plus, I can see myself wearing them often, which I think is important.

Now for the fun stuff....the line that Ashley Benson has been promoting for H&M. I really loved the designs. They were so fun and easy to wear. I wound up with a boho inspired skirt, a mint green skirt, two casual novelty tees (one inspired by Mean Girls. Amazing!), and the super cute sweatshirt that Ashley is wearing in that first picture. Out of everything, I think the mint skirt and the You Can Sit With Us tee are my favourites. I wore them the other day and felt super confident. Take a look!

I am totally loving the latest additions to my wardrobe. Now, to stop shopping so much. I definitely need to make the most of what I've got - and stop spending so much of my money on the things I fall in love sigh. Sigh!

What do you think of these pieces? Have you bought anything from the H&M line?

xo Shannon


  1. Ooh I've not popped into H&M in a while but I'm loving this new collection, especially the jumper she's wearing! Ashley's a total babe <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. que compras tan chulas! me encantan!!!


  3. Great post xx

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    Laura Macij

  4. Great Ashey she has an amazing sense of style
    Have a great weekend

  5. Cute finds, love the skirts! Thanks for stopping by SLS, have a great day!


  6. I think your buys are super cute and versatile! Great collection!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  7. Great haul Shannon. Cute tops and the mint green skirt is gorgeous.

  8. Love the bag, so cute!


  9. Love the white sweatshirt! Lucy

  10. Great haul!!! I love the last sweater!!!!!!!!!
    Happy sunday doll!!!

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  11. I really love all crop tops and T-shirts...Mignon...c' est CHIC! See you soon on my blog!

  12. Wow, I hadn't seen that Ashley Benson was promoting this line. I just checked it out online and it is so cute! I love that mint skirt and the 'You Can Sit With Us' top, so cute. I'm definitely going to have to take a trip into H&M soon!! :)

    Joanne |

  13. Wow beautiful post and great outfits!!!!



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  15. great post! :)

  16. Such beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe! Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle