Sunday, November 10, 2013

the la diaries: part two

Hi everyone! Here it is...part two of my trip to LA. This part is all about my trip to Disneyland! I've been there once before, when I was really young, so it was definitely nice to go back. I come from a Disney family, so it was a big deal to go.

The first day, it was just my mom and I. We bought tickets for the Halloween party and it was so much fun! My mom and I dressed up as Disney princesses (I was Belle), went on some rides, went trick or treating, saw the parade, watched was definitely like being a kid again. It was the most fun I've had on Halloween in a long, long time. Here are some of my pictures:

The second day in Disney, we went to the California Adventure park. I'd never been there before, so I didn't know quite what to expect. There were a lot of fun rides, like The Little Mermaid, Tower of Terror, and the rollercoaster - and one ride that I hated more than anything! I foolishly went on the Ferris Wheel with the spinning cars....mistake. It was horrible. Overall, I had a lot of fun. 

On our third day in Disney, we went to Fantasyland. There was so much to do there and the lines were crazy long! We managed to get through almost everything we wanted to, though. It felt like a very very long day by the time we got back to the hotel that night. I was totally wiped! Here are some of my favourite pictures:

The last day at Disneyland was ...probably my least favourite day of the trip. My mom and I were butting heads a lot and everyone just seemed to be bickering. It was definitely that point in the trip where we were all ready to go home and have a little space! We spent the day going between the two parks and finishing up all of the rides that we hadn't gotten to yet.

So, that was my trip to Disneyland! Still to come? My shopping haul and new makeup reviews. Stay tuned!

What are your plans for the week?

xo Shannon


  1. So beautiful !

  2. it is my dream to go to Disneyland <3

  3. Your Belle costume was adorable! I've never been to LA before. I hope I can go one day. So glad you had fun!

    xo Sam
    DIY Huntress

  4. Such a beautiful entry! You inspire me! great theme park experience!
    Kisses from Miami,

  5. Looks like you had so much fun !

  6. OMG how i envy youuuuu XD
    thats a really great trip!!! <3

  7. Great experience.... a lot of fun!!!!
    Happy monday girl!

  8. I'm such a Disney fanatic and yet I've never been to Disneyland. Shame on me!!! You look amazing as Belle!! Perfect character. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos, I'm in such a Disney mood now. lol x

    I'd be honoured if you could check out my vintage inspired photoshoot and let me know what you think? x

  9. Love them all babe, they are fabulous and dreamy pics <3


  10. great pics!


  11. lovely pictures! super sweetie
    check my blog if you want too:)
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  12. That so cool photos! I do not know, but I'd love to go!

  13. I totally adore your look girl and it sound like so much fun! If you get a free moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post.
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  14. I love disneyland great pics!

    Pirate Hart

  15. Wow, amazing pics!! Enjoy :)


  16. Such an awesome place! You look great! Thank you for stopping by!

    Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo

  17. OOOOHHHH I love the way you look as Belle, you´re so like her, I´m not kidding, you look like the real one...

  18. Disney is so much fun! I've been do Disneyworld in Florida but would LOVE to go to Disneyland. Looks like a great trip :)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  19. You look stunning and I love all the photos! It seems like you had a wonderful time :)

    Btw, thanks so much for the nice comment on my blog. I already follow you on GFC, hope you too! And if you want, we can follow each other on other platforms. Just let me know!

  20. Wow! You sure had fun! Love your black and silver stripped tee.

  21. oh WOW *__* you're very lucky :) I hope one day to go to disneyland too. I love the big mickey mouse pumpkin :)

  22. looks like you had so much fun! your belle outfit rocks!!

  23. Wow, I'm sure you had the time of your life there!!! Amazing pics darling ;)

  24. You always look sooo gorgeous!

  25. omg shannon i love you in the belle costume :3 and your pic with cruela da vil is super cute hahaha. its my dream to one day visit disney, ill make sure to avoid the ferris wheel when i do :P

  26. yaay I wish I would have known you were planning a trip to Disney! Would have definitely tried to meet you!! looks like you had such a fab time!

    <3Amanda |

  27. Beautiful place!