Saturday, January 12, 2013

the makeup is simply an extension of the personality.

Now that the holidays are over, I am definitely trying to be better with money. Christmas is amazing, but it sure takes a hit on your bank account! That is why I am loving a couple of great, affordable makeup palettes.

If you're looking to try something new but are on a budget, here are my favourite options:  
Joe Fresh Makeup Set ($10 CDN) and Wet n' Wild Makeup Palette in Petal Pusher ($6 CDN)

Let's start with the Joe Fresh palette! I picked this up pretty recently on a whim. The price was so low that I figured I'd give it a shot. I have a couple of blushes from this brand that I really love, so I was hopeful that the quality would be the same.

This palette includes: 2 bronzers, 4 blushes and 12 eyeshadows. 

The lighter bronzer is a wonderful matte shade that works really well for me. The darker shade would certainly work well for someone with a darker skin tone. I quite like the quality of the bronzers overall.

As for the blushes, they are the stand out of this set! Each colour is beautiful and has a velvety finish to it. I love the range of colours as well. I have found myself going to this palette a lot lately for blush!

The eyeshadow shades are a hit or miss. Some of them are shimmery, super pigmented, and just beautiful. I find myself reaching for the gold toned shades most often. They are stunning and have no fall out. There are a couple of disappointing shades, however. I find that the light blue and dark purple aren't pigmented enough. You  have to do a lot of work to get any colour payoff.

Overall, I was super impressed with this palette by Joe Fresh. The blushes are outstanding and the overall quality was great, especially for such a reasonable price. The only thing I didn't like about this palette was the packaging. It is plastic and a bit cheap. It doesn't feel sturdy. However, the products themselves are well worth the money.

The Wet n' Wild Palette includes: eight eyeshadows.

Generally, I am a big fan of Wet n' Wild eyeshadows. I find the quality can be outstanding. This palette in Petal Pusher was a hit or miss for me, but had some great eyeshadows, especially for such a low price. 

The shades on the first side were quite light, natural, and pretty. These are great for anyone looking for a soft hint of colour. I personally love to wear a dramatic smokey eye, so I absolutely love the eyeshadow colours on the second side. The crease colour is my favourite - I find myself wearing this quite a lot. 

This palette is great whether you are looking for a soft or bold look. You can easily take your makeup look from day to night for an unbeatable price.

What affordable makeup products have you been loving lately?

xo Shannon


  1. We don't have Wet n' Wild in Turkey, I really want to try someday if I have a chance.

  2. If you can still find them, the QUO pallets at SDM are very cheap
    I picked up one for $12.50
    These two you have are really nice as well, and very inexpensive!
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  3. Great colors!


  4. Love these eyeshadows :) Really pretty colors!

  5. I've been meaning to try out the Joe Fresh products- thanks for the recommendation :D

  6. We have neither of those brands here in Greece but they seems nice.
    I like the second palette more, I would try that.

    Love, A!

  7. i love the colors from the first palette!

  8. What pretty colors in those palates!

    xx Kait


  9. I love Wet n Wild shadows too! I go crazy looking for them when their LE palettes come out. Great post, I'm following you now :)
    <3, Mel

  10. Lovely colors, I like beiges the best.

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  11. Great purchases ! may you use them with joy ^^
    I bought so many stuff during the sales... I am a sucker for great deals. Things I've needed, of course :P
    Nice post nevertheless ^^

  12. i hope they will start selling wet n wild products here in my country :( i heard a lot of great stuff about them :)


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  13. I love wet n wild, they have low cost and good quality products ! This palette looks great, I like the colors <3

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  14. I love those palletes! And the name of the most is so true:)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  15. i love the Wet n Wild palette! they have the most pigmented eyeshadows, i want to collect alot of the palettes :)

  16. I love your palettes! Gorgeous colors :* ♥

  17. such a good deal for a palette! thank you :)

  18. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for the Wet n Wild palette!


  19. very nice!

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  20. Wow such amazing colors. Hope to see you on my blog.

  21. Lovely makeup!
    Amazing colors!


  22. i want them.....
    lovely make up...

  23. Nice post! follower 841

  24. Fisrt pallet look amazing!!! :)

    xoxo stefania

  25. I love that Wet n' Wild palette!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  26. I wish I was a make up master!

  27. Thank you, your comments are always so lovely :*

  28. Love the palettes and those glittery eyeshadows of course!! ;))

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    Alexandra A.,

  29. Beautiful colors!


  30. The pallets are really nice. I don't know much about make-up so thank you very much for showing c: