Wednesday, November 7, 2012

laine blogger award

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I hope your week is going well so far. I am trying to be as productive as possible, but it's difficult sometimes! Onto today's post: I am really excited, because I was recently nominated for the Laine Blogger award by the wonderful Tracey at Marienni Blog!

1.  What is your current beauty obsession?
 Lately, I am really loving Rimmel's Clean Finish foundation. I have tried a lot of different foundations, both high-end and drugstore, but lately I am loving this one the most! It brightens the look of my skin and adds a warm, natural glow. I always feel confident about my makeup when I am wearing it!

2.  What is one beauty item you wished you owned?
 At the moment, I am really wanting to add the Naked Palette 2 to my collection. I have the original Naked palette and I absolutely love it. Being a fan of more neutral colours, I would love to play with this one and see what I can come up with!

3.  What is your favorite post to read/write about?
 My favourite posts to read about are probably either makeup reviews/swatches, or more personal posts. I love finding out about makeup products and people's lives! My favourite posts to write are probably inspiration posts. It's great to share things that inspire me!

4.  What inspired you to become a blogger?
 I have always wanted to be a writer. I was growing frustrated with the lack of progress toward that goal, and ended up creating my blog as a way to motivate myself and get my writing out there.

5.  What nail polish are you wearing right now?
Where I work, we aren't allowed polish on our nails (which upsets me greatly!) but on my toes I am currently wearing Meet Me At Sunset by Essie. 

My nominations for the Laine Blogger Award are: 
What do you have planned for the rest of the week?


  1. How devastating... no nail polish?! ;-)

  2. ongratulations :D

    I really want the naked palette 2 as well :D

  3. yay congrats!! Love the answers to the questions!!


  4. Fun facts! Congrats
    xo Annie

  5. Congrats! Great interview!

  6. Congrats on the blog award!

  7. Congrats!! You deserve it!


  8. Shannon this is Jessica from trubeautygems. Please check out my new blog, InTruBeauty at thanks!! I loved seeing all your comments on our old blog andnwould and would appreciate the continued support!! And congrats you totally deserve it!!

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  10. Congrats for the feature. :))
    Followed you, Hope you follow back :))

  11. Congrats dear and good to know more about you !!

  12. Hey hon! I finally got my GFC working so you can sign up! I hope you were able to enter our giveaway :-)

    I also wanted to tell you that I have the Naked 2 and I love using Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadow in Skinny Jeans as a base, then using the Naked 2's lighter silver shade on the whole lid, and the darker silver on the crease (can't remember the names of them). It is such a gorgeous look!


  13. Congrats for the award dear...:)Following you from now on..:)


    Angie by

  14. hi hun,
    I really like your blog and your nice!
    New follower there,
    If you want I'm waiting for you on my blog!

    kiss jexika lyter

  15. i dont really like that kind of soft but its good to find out more about the blog owners

  16. hi hi your blog is amazing :) followed you now :) mind following back? :) thanks a bunch!!!

  17. Congrats to you!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  18. love this blog... i follow you... do u follow my italian blog?

  19. congrats on the award, lovely answers!

    lindsey louise

  20. Woow! My congrats, dear~!
    Happy friday!!!



  21. Congratulations - well deserved - I love your blog!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  22. lovely! I like to read about make up swatches and reviews too, totally helpful on what I am going to try next! :)

  23. Thank you Shannon for awarding me! I've recently received another award as well so I'll answer this one next week, if that is okey?
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I'm happy if I added to your Christmas spirit!

    E from Helsinki

  24. Not allowed nail polish? That is crazy. I have friends who work at places where wearing nail polishes is mandatory!