Thursday, January 11, 2018

beginner series: choosing the right blush shade

When it comes to blush, the possibilities are endless. Pink, raspberry, mauve, bronze, and every colour in between. The right shade? It can pull your entire makeup look together. Suddenly that smokey eye doesn’t look so overwhelming and that bold lipstick has a little more balance. That is the beauty of this finishing touch. It can add polish and poise in a flash! Unless you are sporting the wrong shade for your skin tone. Then your entire look can appear unflattering or out of sorts. Make sure that never happens to you. Get ready to find the right blush shade…

If You Have Light or Fair Skin. Do you tend to burn in the summer months? Find it challenging to locate a foundation that is light enough for your complexion? Then you most definitely fall into the light or fair skin category. Be careful with your blush selection. Super bright or super dark shades can look artificial. You want that nice natural glow! So stick to lighter shades instead. Think a soft pink or a pretty peach. Or even a blush with golden undertones.

If You Have Medium Skin. Easily the most popular for makeup sales are the medium shades. But what blush colours are best? A dusty rose shade can add a natural flush to the skin without being overpowering. It will give you that gorgeous glow you are after. Alternatively, a deep peach or coral shade can give your makeup a bit of glamour. Be careful to steer clear of super light blush shades. They will not do much for your skin. Products that are quite dark on the other hand, can be too noticeable.

If You Have Dark Skin. Now for the darker skinned ladies. Finding the right blush shade doesn’t have to be complicated. Stick to orange toned corals and deep rose shades. These colours are far more flattering that ultra light or crazy bright shades. Wondering why? They give your cheeks that beautiful pop of colour without looking fake or unnatural. Add a small amount of product to your blush brush and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Blend upwards and finish off with a gold toned highlight.

What About Bold Blush Shades? You might have noticed that there are more dramatic blush shades hitting the shelves lately. Ultra shimmery bronze colours, lilac, bright pink, and orange. Can you wear them? Of course. These shades can be a lot of fun! Especially if you are going for a makeup look that is fairly dramatic. Just be careful how you wear them…and where you wear them.

On another note! My latest YouTube video is up. It is a haul of everything I bought while in Disneyland. From Target to the theme's all here. Take a peek and let me know which item made you smile.

Are you a blush fanatic? What is your favourite blush shade?

xo Shannon


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