Tuesday, June 30, 2015

review: bite watercolor lip gloss library

Out of all the lip products I own....few of them are glosses. This is because I am excessively picky about lip glosses. The reasoning is simple. There is nothing I hate more than that sticky, goopy feeling on my lips. Ick! Which is why I shocked even myself when I bought the Bite Watercolour Lip Gloss Library from Sephora. Without testing out the glosses first. Without hesitation.

It was one of those moments. I took one look at the colours and got ridiculously excited. Pastels? Purples? Reds? Sold! Here is the thing. The lip glosses I own all various shades of pink - with a couple of nudes thrown in there for good measure. What drew me into the Bite collection was the diversity of shade selection. Yellow, mint green, coral, purple, oh my! There was a little big of everything. Don't believe it? Here is a look at the colours in the Lip Gloss Library.

As you can see, the colour selection is fabulous. The simple fact that there was a mint green included was beyond exciting. Not to mention the yellow and light purple. So so gorgeous. Lately I have been all about lipstick shades that are a little bit different. To find glosses that were a little out of the box? Well, it is no wonder I simply had to add this lip gloss library to my makeup collection. 

Let's get to it! How did the shades deliver? What was the texture like? When it comes to the shade selection, I applaud Bite for taking some risks. There was so much going on here - and that aspect of it really worked. As for the glosses themselves? I found them to be a bit of a hit or miss. Some of them were super pigmented and had just the right amount of colour payoff. Others were more sheer and needed to be paired with an additional lip product. 

Going in, I really wanted the yellow and mint green to wow me. Sadly, they didn't. The colours were pretty sheer. They had just a hint of colour rather than being a bold, look-at-me kind of lip product. They played it a little too safe with the more unusual shades in this set. All of the other glosses? Fabulous. The soft pink? Amazing. The light purple? Gorgeous. The coral? Stunning. Those rich deeper shades? Out of this world. The darker the colours were the stand outs for me. They had all of the pigmentation I wanted - and then some. I love that they can be worn all on their own.

Now for the texture. As I mentioned before, I am picky about lip glosses. Very picky. Which is why I was so happily surprised with these! The texture was smooth rather than sticky. It applied easily and had great staying power. Actually, these reminded me a lot of the NARS lip glosses. (Those are my absolute favourites. I cannot get enough of them.) In terms of texture and quality I had no issues whatsoever. That is always a good thing when it comes to makeup products.

This is a look at one of the shades in action. While my favourite happens to be the dark purple, I recently used the coral shade for a summery makeup look I put together....

This is one impulse buy I was very happy with. The Bite Watercolour Lip Gloss Library had some gorgeous shades and great quality to boot. The only downside? Some of the pastel shades were not as pigmented as I hoped they would be. Despite this, I find myself reaching for these glosses regularly. As a lipstick fan....this is pretty telling!

Have you tried this set? What do you think of the colours?

xo Shannon


  1. So cool !


  2. first off, you look like a doll on that pic! :) as for lip glosses im also not very fond of the usual sticky lip gloss texture which is very common to all lip glosses that ive tried even the high end ones. this brand is getting more popular each month! i see it in most blogs i follow!

  3. colors are gorgeous x

  4. Wowww! Those colours, that packaging, I'm a fan! They look fab!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  5. wow those colours look amazing! I'm so jealous x


  6. Shannon it looks fab on you. Such a gorgeous colorful palette. Nope, haven't tried the set, yet.

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  8. colors are great! this coral shade looks great on you ;)
    the white ocean

  9. Truly inspired to try colorful lip gloss now. You have made it work so perfectly!

  10. This is a really cool set, and I like the make up look you did with the gloss

    Amanda | Feast Fashion Faves