Wednesday, March 18, 2015

be in it for the long haul.

There is one thing I have been trying to do less of....and that is buying makeup. I find this tremendously difficult because makeup is my biggest passion. I love trying new products, playing with colours, getting creative, and expanding my skills. Despite trying to cut back, I gave myself a drugstore splurge day a little while back. Were there new things I wanted to try? Things I had been curious about? Grab em!

As you can see from the picture above, I ended up grabbing a bunch of new things. That included the Joe Fresh Radiant Face Serum, Cover Girl Age Defying Pressed Powder, Elf Pout & Pucker Lip Set, the Milani Brow and Eye Highlight, the L'Oreal Eva Longoria Lipstick, Wet n' Wild Lipstick, the Cover Girl Outlast lip product, and the Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation (re-purchase).

Since I ended up buying a number of new products, I thought that I would make this post a haul and mini-review. Just some quick highlights on a few of the products. There will be full reviews for the Cover Girl Outlast and the Elf Pout & Pucker Lip Set in the weeks to come. Ready to get started? This is a closer look at my drugstore makeup haul.

Let's start with the skin! I have been looking at skincare products a lot lately. This is probably because I am getting married in four months....and I really want my skin to look perfect. I decided to give the Joe Fresh Radiant Face Serum a try. Largely because of the claims. Brighten, hydrate, and tone? Sounds good to me! I have been using this twice a day for the last few weeks and so far I don't notice any difference. But I am not giving up yet. I know that certain skin care products take a while before you start to notice the results. So, I am going to continue and cross my fingers.

The next part of my haul was the Cover Girl Age-Defying Pressed Powder. I know a lot of people prefer high end powders but personally I have never seen the advantage. I have really dry skin on my face and find that pressed powders tend to do more harm than good. Which is why I typically choose a drugstore powder and use it just on my nose and my under eye area. I wanted to try something different so I opted for this one. So far so good! It has surprisingly good coverage and a very silky texture. Plus, the packaging is really pretty. Bonus!

I also picked up the Milani Brow & Eye Highlighter. This is one that I have been eyeing for a while thanks to the rave reviews over on Beauty Broadcast. On one end is a soft taupe to fill in your brows and on the other is a lighter shade for underneath the brows. The consistency is creamy and easy to use - so I love that. Unfortunately, that taupe shade is way too light for my dark brows...but the highlight is perfection! It gives me the sculpted brows I am after. 

This lipstick comes from Wet n' Wild. In general I am a big fan of this brand. Their eyeshadows are the absolute best to come out of the drugstore. Hands down. Some of their other products are more hit and miss, but there was something about this shade. That soft pretty pink just called to me! It delivered on the colour. It looks absolutely beautiful. The formula itself is a bit dry sadly. I plan to layer it with a lip balm to counteract that dryness. Simple fix for a gorgeous shade.

Now to finish off this drugstore haul post! One of the other items I picked up was a lipstick from L'Oreal. They had a line of lip colours inspired by certain celebrities. The one I chose was Eva Longoria. The shade Eva's Nude was a deep nude colour that is super sexy and easy to wear. The reason I picked this? I love Eva and I loved the packaging as well. It is sleek and sultry and has a print of her signature on it. So pretty!

Overall, this drugstore haul was a major success. It was so much fun to splurge and pick up a few new things. Just as fun? Trying everything out. Nothing could be more thrilling.

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any?

xo Shannon


  1. ...I want to try something wet n it's sold also in italy!!!!!!

  2. The L'Oreal lipstick is so pretty! Have some of them and are great lipsticks in my opinion ^^

    Love from VOH, pretty!
    Enjoy the day <3

  3. nice post :)

  4. Great Post! I didn't even know Wet and Wild had a lipstick collection. I just thought it was all their wonderful lip balms. That looks like a great colour.

    xo Andrea

  5. These products look awesome! Especially those lipsticks!
    Have a nice day,
    Sonia Verardo

  6. Great products! I want all of them *_*


  7. Wonderful pieces, love this lipstick color. *__*
    New post is online...

  8. You are the beauty guru babe! Always on point with the latest and greatest...funny how makeup is the thing I buy the least! lol...I've had palettes for almost a decade now...I hope it's still good! hahhaahah

    Thank you for visiting my blog sweets, would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Xx- Julie

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  9. Very nice things you picked up! I love the lipstick!

    XO Imke

  10. great products love the lipstick colors!

    Collections By Kim

  11. That L'Oreal lipstick is gorgeous !

  12. I already try some productos from wet n wild and i like it. Nice review!
    Visit us when u can pls!

  13. Great buys Shannon! I'm loving the natural shades of the lipsticks.. and I'm quite intrigued by the Milani Brow and Eye Highligther.. it looks so promising.. I might pick one up for myself! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  14. Love the L'Oreal lipstick!!

    I followed you :)

  15. Great haul! That Wet n Wild lippie is gorgeous!! I agree about their shadows too!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings