Friday, June 27, 2014

every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.

Earlier this month, my parents went away. They took an anniversary trip to Disney World and the Bahamas....totally jealous! As much as I would have loved to go along with them, they were nice enough to bring me back a couple of things from their trip. (That's the best part when someone else goes away: souvenirs from other countries.)

From Disney, they brought me back a Belle shirt and an Olaf pin from Frozen. Too cute! From the Bahamas, it was a pair of super cute sunglasses that change colour in the sun. And from Miami, which is where their cruise ship left from, it was a few celeb goodies.

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I am a Lauren Conrad fan. I love her style! Unfortunately, we don't have her clothing line here in Canada. So, my mom was nice enough to pick up a gorgeous pair of earrings from the Lauren Conrad collection. They're small, drop down earrings with a faux-pearl detail. I absolutely love them. They are super sophisticated but trendy, too. And I just love the subtle pop of colour. They are one of my favourite pairs of earrings ever. I just love them!

Ready to take a look? These are my new Lauren Conrad earrings:

Another gift from my parents? A pair of Jennifer Lopez shorts. So exciting. Again, not available in Canada, so this was another happy moment for me! I'm a big fan of her music, movies, and fashion this was definitely a wonderful surprise. The shorts are sports, oversized, and covered with flashy sequins. They're the perfect combination of laid-back and casual with glitz and glam.

Here are my new Jennifer Lopez shorts. I can't wait to wear them this summer!

So, there you have it. Some super special - and super exciting - gifts from my parents. They may have gone travelling, but I definitely felt like the spoiled one when they got back!

What is the last gift you received?

xo Shannon


  1. I love LC, big fan of her, smart girl:) You got a very nice present from your parents;)



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    2. Definitely a big fan of hers as well. She is so talented! <3

  2. I love this JLO shorts! In Spain doesn't exist :(

    1. That's too bad! They're not available where I live either (Canada) but thankfully my parents went travelling!

  3. congrats to your parents, and congrats for those super gifts dear... those shorts are adorable... =)

  4. Such a great pieces, my love.

    Happy weekend,


  5. earrings look gorgeus. I can imagine teaming them with a total white ooutfit.

  6. Nice new stuff!

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    See you soon!

    Enai's Soul

  7. OMG, this shorts is sooo amazing. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  8. OMG, those shorts are amazing ! I love receiving presents, just like everyone I suppose...the last one was a necklace ;) Kisses

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  9. The earrings are gorgeous. Lc has a great line of jewelry!

  10. Gorgeous presents Shannon. Drooling over the shorts!!! Gosh they are beautiful! My last one was the Guess watch my bf gave me.
    Happy Sunday Shannon

  11. Shannon those shorts are gorgeous! Love it!