Wednesday, August 28, 2013

guest post: Beauty O'Holic - bargain beauty.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce today's post. It has kindly been written by Meredith from Beauty O'Holic and it's all about bargain beauty. (Something I'm definitely a fan of.) I hope that you all enjoy Meredith's guest post:

I used to believe that if you wanted a name brand cosmetic product - the best thing was to write down what you want and wait a few months for the price to go down - especially during Friends & Family Events. But, I learned that isn't the case with 80% of name brand cosmetics.

While waiting for something I wanted really helped me decide if it was because of the hype of the beautiful ads in the magazines or if I kept going back to the product (testing out different shades in the store, having a Sephora lady apply a tester amount, etc). Most of us, well at least I do - if I keep coming back to something that I've been talking about and wanting for months, then I obviously need to complete the purchase; but, if I stop talking about it or have the need of wanting it after a few months, it was obviously the hype of the product or brand.

I would like to sit here and tell you that the best bargains are when you hit the clearance racks at clothing stores or the end of the aisle at department stores. But, ask yourself this...brand or generic? If it's a brand item you desperately need, want and can't live without. Try not purchasing the product for a few months and see if you keep coming back to it, if you do...make the purchase. If it's a generic item you want, shop around. No one is going to make fun or think poorly of you if you want to shave a few cents off your receipt.

What To Look For:
-Friends and Family Events

Sales, Friends & Family Events, Clearance and Discounts are my weakness. I have walked into many stores and see that fabulous SALE sign and know my wallet is going to spend more. But, if you prepare yourself and cut out coupons (I know, I hate carrying them around - but, when I want something and can get it for $1.50 instead of $5...that's a bargain).

So, before I start sure you prepare yourself - generic or brand name - know your prices before you go into a store blind and spend more money than you wanted.


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