Thursday, January 26, 2017

new clothes from zaful.

One of my new years resolutions was to spend less. Unfortunately, that meant my wardrobe budget would have to be reduced. That was not an exciting thought for someone who loves finding (and wearing) new clothes. For me? A new item in my wardrobe represents a million possibilities. There are so many ways to wear a new piece, accessorize it, and make it my own.

At first, I thought my limited funds meant there would be no new clothes in my future. Turns out, I needed to steer clear of overpriced garments at the mall and find an affordable (but stylish) alternative. Zaful checked off all the boxes for me. This fashion based website has a wide selection of beautiful designs (both classic and trendy), fast shipping, and great prices. It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to follow their new years resolutions without sacrificing amazing style.

While browsing the Zaful website, I was struck by the many different items. There were a ton of gorgeous pieces that caught my eye! So many, in fact, that I had to work hard to narrow down my list. Ultimately, I chose two tops and a bodysuit.

Piece #1: Cold Shoulder V-Neck Top

The first item that landed in my cart was the Cold Shoulder V-Neck Top. There were a few different colours to choose from but I loved that beautiful dark red. I also really loved the cut out details on the sleeves. Lately, I have been loving cut outs because they can jazz up a simple top and highlight a well placed peek of skin. What I love about this piece in particular is how flattering it is. The V-neck style is sophisticated, the sleeve detail is chic and trendy, and the fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. This is a great piece for a night out or a nice dinner!

Piece #2: Long Sleeved Choker T-Shirt

Next up was the Long Sleeved Choker T-Shirt. This is one that I was particularly excited about thanks to that amazing choker detail. Quite frankly, I had never seen anything quite like it before and was immediately smitten. The fabric is super soft and comfortable but that choker elevates this basic top to a whole new level of amazing. It gives it a bold and on trend twist. The moment I put it felt like I was channeling my inner Kardashian! This is definitely something I plan to wear often.

Piece #3: Floral Sequined Plunging Neck Long Sleeved Bodysuit

The last item I received from Zaful was this bodysuit. A bodysuit is actually something I have wanted for ages but was a little nervous to try. But when I saw this floral sequined design....I knew that I had to have it. In person, this did not disappoint There is some truly astounding sequined work that gives it the most elegant and sophisticated finish. To say it is stunning would be a major disservice to this piece. It is exquisite.

The only downside was the fit. Since I had never ordered (or worn) a bodysuit before, I really didn't think about the proportions. So it ended up being too short for me to wear as is (I am 5"8). Luckily, I was able to modify it so it is now a beautiful top. My advice? If you buy this for yourself, be sure to consider your height. Read to description and measurements carefully. That way, you can get the right fit for your body type. Ahh and learn!

Overall, I was extremely happy with my order from Zaful. Everything arrived quickly, the pieces were exactly as pictured, and the quality exceeded my expectations. The fabric was comfortable, everything looked great, and the details were perfectly executed. I am very eager to add these new pieces to my wardrobe.

To find out more about Zaful, check out their website:

Which piece is your favourite?

xo Shannon


  1. Lovely choices!

  2. Zaful is great!!! I like them all!!!

  3. They all look pretty on you!


  4. I loved the choices!
    Kisses from Brazil,

  5. great picks dear! I need the second top, it looks perfect ;) love it!

    The White Ocean

  6. Hey Shannon,
    thank you so much for your feedback and reguarly comments on my blog ♥
    your 3 outfits are all very pretty I like the colours. When I must choose for one, I think the first picture, the red shoulder top looks very good.

    ♥ Isa

  7. wow! awesome! i love the red top the most - so rad!

    Inside and Outside Blog