Sunday, January 22, 2017

my worst quality is that i get very passionate about what i think is right.

It wasn't on my list of New Years Resolutions....but perhaps it should have been. Speak my mind. Over the last little while, I have found it harder and harder to stay silent. In the past, I have bit my tongue, backspaced opinionated Facebook statuses, and scrolled past ignorant statements. I cannot continue to do so. With so much social upheaval happening in the world today, I refuse to be part of the problem. I will speak my mind.

To everyone who participated in the Women's March events that happened yesterday (whether you attended one in person, tweeted about it, or made a donation to an organization like Planned Parenthood)....know that I admire you. Your courage, strength, and determination to make the world a better place, inspires me. It makes me believe there is hope so long as we stick together.

As Hillary Clinton tweeted yesterday, "I truly believe we're always Stronger Together."

So, thank you.From this point on, I hope we will all continue to speak up, stand up, and fight for what is right.

xo Shannon