Wednesday, January 18, 2017

current obsession: betsey johnson purse.

Okay, so I have a lot of purses. Some are big and some are small. Some are bold and some are neutral. There is a little bit of everything in my collection. Everything except a pizza purse. Until now, that is. This Christmas, my mom gave me the most incredible purse I have ever laid eyes on. This pizza shaped bag has everything I love - a dash of novelty and tons of glitter.

That is what I love most about Betsey Johnson's designs. She doesn't take anything too seriously and nothing is off limits. Her pieces are bold, fun, and energetic. I absolutely adore of course, I cannot stop thinking about this incredible pizza purse! I love how sparkly it is, the expressive eyes, and the cute detail on the zipper (it says Betsey's Pizza Pie on it).

Quite frankly? There was a ton of thought put into this small, sparkly bag. While it is not the most practical purse in the world (it cannot hold more than the bare essentials), it more than makes up for it with that gorgeous exterior. Every time I carry it this pizza shaped bag, I feel amazing. And that is what fashion is all about.

Another one of my obsessions is the Too Faced Mascara Melt Off. Take a look at my latest YouTube video to see the product in action!

What do you think of this purse? Do you have a favourite bag?

xo Shannon


  1. This is soooo cool!!!
    perfect for a simple outfit with a pop of WOW!

  2. I love everything about this purse! So true, shes got such fun designs. I'll have to try that mascara. I've been using a new primer bet this would be AMAZING over it!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Nice!!

  4. Oh my goodness I was working on a story for work and came across this purse! I absolutely love it! Betsey does it best.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  5. This is the cutest purse. I love pizza too:)