Sunday, January 8, 2017

treasure the moments that capture our hearts.

Though I hate to admit it....the holiday season is over. Christmas has come and gone and we are already into January. Despite my desperate attempts to slow down time, life has begun to return to normal. There is work to be done, responsibilities to catch up on, and a slew of New Years resolutions waiting to be fulfilled. Phew! No wonder I love the holidays so much. All of those to do lists disappear - and those responsibilities are put on hold. At least for a little while.

Since I am not quite ready to commit myself to everyday life, I wanted to spend some time looking back. These are a few of my favourite photos from the holiday season. It was spent with my husband and my family...and I love every minute of it! I was definitely spoiled this year (though I don't know why) so expect a "What I Got For Christmas" post in the days to come. For now? Here are a few of the highlights.

How did you spend the holidays? Are you getting back into your normal routine?

xo Shannon