Tuesday, February 24, 2015

fish don't know they're in water.

Some days are just fun. They are the kind of days that you look back on and think, that was such a great day. I had one of those days recently. My fiance and I went on a double date with some friends to the Ripley's Aquarium. None of us had ever been before, so we didn't know quite what to expect. Would it be worth the wait? Live up the hype? Be tons of fun? Well, it was absolutely amazing. I had such a good time. There were so many underwater creatures to look at. Some cute, some creepy, and some absolutely out of this world.

We took the train into the city and walked over to the aquarium. Since we bought our tickets in advance, we got to skip the massive line up of people. Thank goodness for that! The moment we stepped into the aquarium, it was overwhelming. There was so much to see. Different species, tanks,  information, interactive features. Plus there were people absolutely everywhere. I guess that is what happens when you visit a major tourist attraction on a weekend. The good news? The crowds seemed to lighten up as we went though.

There were a few stand out moments for me. They included the sea horses (there was this white one that was absolutely incredible. I don't even have words for how beautiful it was!) and the giant moving walkway. For the walkway, there was literally a giant tank surrounding everyone - going right overhead and on either side. The moving walkway took us along the giant tank as we checked out turtles, fish, and sharks. It was truly memorizing.

After almost three hours at the aquarium, we went for lunch. Where did we go? Wahlburgers! I have been there once before and the food is phenomenal. They have delicious burgers and super tasty tater tots. I am not a foodie by any means but my gosh, do I love to eat there. Delicious! Following our lunch, we took the train back home and ended up stopping for dessert. Then my fiance and I spent the rest of the night hanging out and watching Netflix. It was definitely a fun day from start to finish.

Since it was such a fantastic day, I thought I would show you all a few of my favourite pictures from the aquarium. Here they are!

This probably goes without saying....but I loved the aquarium. It is always fun when you have a special day to look back on. This was definitely one of them. Hopefully we will be able to go back sometime in the future!

Do you like to visit aquariums? What do you think of these pictures?

xo Shannon


  1. you look beautiful!


  2. Awesome photos!

  3. Wow, this looks so awesome. Beautiful pics, Shannon. It must have been really exciting.

  4. I just love going to aquariums! I wish there was one where I live. Loving going to the one in Baltimore though.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. I love the aquarium looks really awesome!


  6. I love dates that are just plain fun and amazing whether they are with your significant other or just good friends! I'm glad you enjoyed your day, girly! Best, ican'taffordmylifestyle

  7. I'm so pleased to hear that you had such an enjoyable day. I absolutely love going to the aquarium. I haven't been in so long and this definitely reminds me that I should go soon. I find the sting rays so fascinating. .

  8. You look so cute together!:) I love aquariums! Kisses!


  9. That looks like so much fun, you two are adorable!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  10. I love your makeup here, beautiful pictures :) Benish | Feminist Reflections

  11. Never been to an aquarium, but it looks like so much fun! What a cute couple you are! And Shannon you always do the most beautiful makeup! :)

  12. i love visiting aquarium, i have one near my city! :) i just visited it in January!!
    Alice's Pink Diary

  13. you always look so good :)


  14. Wonderful pictures. ^^
    New post is online... Lovely greets Nessa