Friday, September 22, 2017

jennifer lawrence: love it or leave it?

Whenever a film festival takes place, there is one constant: fabulous red carpet looks. It doesn't matter what genre the movie is, who is starring, or where the festival takes place. There is always something new and exciting to see at the premiere. Recently, TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival) took over the city. There were A-listers popping up all over the place! Including Jennifer Lawrence. Her controversial new movie, mother! is easily one of the most buzzed about films in quite a while. It is causing division among fans and reviewers alike...which only creates more buzz.

Something else that caused a stir was one of Jennifer's TIFF looks. It featured a corset top and peplum style skirt that glittered all the way down the red carpet. Let's take a look and find out whether this look is a love it or leave it.

What I Love: There are so many beautiful elements of this outfit. The hair looks effortless yet has a simple sophistication that cannot be ignored. Her makeup is spot on as well, with that dramatic winged liner adding just the right amount of intrigue around the eyes. She wore a simple necklace high up on the neck to add interest without taking away from the plunging neckline of the corset style top. It was gorgeous and every detail felt well thought out. The skirt is glitzy, glittery, and has an old-school charm that is refreshing. Even her heels have a pop of sparkle! The attention to detail here is astounding. There really is a lot to love. 

What I Loathe. Honestly, this look was so close to perfection in my eyes. The only thing that takes away from that is the striped lace up ribbon on the front. While it works with the corset individually, once you add in all of the glitter on the bottom half of the becomes overwhelming. While I don't hate it necessarily, that striped ribbon really takes away a lot of the sophistication. 

For the most part, this red carpet look is spectacular. The details are breathtaking and I love the almost retro feel the look has. However, that ribbon down the front is distracting and does not flow well with the bottom half. 

What do you think? Is this a love it or leave it? 

xo Shannon


  1. Don't get me wrong, Jennifer Lawrence is stunning and I really like her makeup but not exactly her outfit.Personally, I felt the look was slightly old-fashioned and not...her style,really.

    #sweetreats xx

  2. The movie was horrible and this look is... interesting haha!

  3. Interesting post

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  5. I don't like this outfit! Personally, I think it looks horrible. :D

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  6. In my opinion she has had so many better red carpet outfits, but she's a gorgeous woman nevertheless. <3

  7. She looks stunning no matter what she wears. Her style is perfection.
    I just followed your lovely blog. Hope you follow back and let's keep in touch.

  8. This dress unfortunately is not of my liking. There is just, as you mentioned, too much going on at the same time. She is always lovely, however. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such a nice comment :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland