Wednesday, October 28, 2015

running is life with the volume up.

Fitness buff? Hardly. I admire people who genuinely love to work out. For me, it has always been a struggle to stay active. Often I refer to myself as an "indoor cat." Largely because my hobbies include eating and curling up on the couch. Okay....those hobbies might be fun....but they aren't necessarily good. At least not in excess. Which is why I have started to make some changes in my life. My eating habits are typically that of a child. Hot dogs, mac and cheese, french fries. Need I say more? Over the last several months I have been trying to balance that out. At least a little! More vegetables, protein rich foods, and fibre. It hasn't been easy but I have definitely noticed a difference.

Something else I have been doing? Working out. Typically I do a workout DVD three times a week and run home from work two to three times a week. The truth? Running has become a big source of both pain and pride for me. Pain because it hurts. A lot. Especially when I push myself to go faster and longer. Pride because I am doing something. Instead of taking the bus home from work each day, I am pushing myself. I am challenging my body and mind. I am getting stronger.

Over the last week or two I have really started to notice the difference. It takes longer for me to feel winded and tired. And I don't have to stop as often or at all. That doesn't mean the painful parts of running have subsided (I am currently very sore as I write this....)  but I feel good. I feel strong, positive, and focused. It amazes me just how rewarding running can be.

That feeling is what inspired today's post. I came up with a little running inspired outfit for fall. Now that the weather is getting cooler I have started to layer, choose thicker pieces, and even wear gloves. My go to look? Bright colours. Fashionable workout wear just makes me feel better about what I'm doing! So, with that being said, here is my typical fall workout look.......

Running has become an important part of my life. I might prefer a night of Netflix to a long sweat session, but I am pushing myself in new and unexpected ways. And that? That makes me proud.

What do you think of this outfit? What do you wear when you workout?

xo Shannon


  1. Love that work out outfit, Shannon. I don't do sports ;) I just don't get the hang of it, lol. But I admire people who really work out, like you.

  2. well i really dont run,but great pairing

  3. great post dear! Have a nice day:)

  4. sure, nice one, that top is inspirational
    new post

  5. i dont like running but that's nice outfit!

    Have a nice day ^^
    Inge Lakawa

  6. I am not running type but great post <3 follow for follow?

  7. Gorgeous!

  8. That's awesome! I hate working out, but the feeling afterward is amazing. I'm also trying to be more fit, but as I've found out, it's hard to in college! However, I like the ellipticals in the gym because they have TVs on them so at least you can watch a show and feel less guilty about it :)

  9. Nice post

  10. Super cute! That top is so motivating because it's adorable!


  11. I used to run loads but recently I can barely get myself motivated to go for a run once every few weeks! I miss the feeling of pride after!

  12. running def is one of the best ways to exercise x