Saturday, January 27, 2018

shangela: love it or leave it? (rupaul's drag race all stars 3)

It's that time again! RuPaul's Drag Race has returned with All Stars 3. It premiered on January 25th and has already generated tons of buzz, thanks to the talented returning queens. Like anyone, I have my own personal favourites out of the bunch and without a doubt my top choice is Shangela. She is everything. I've been a fan since her first appearance in season two. With a genuine heart, lots of energy, and a serious talent for lip syncing....she stands out from the crowd. In honour of the Drag Race premiere, today's love it or leave it is dedicated to her entrance look.

Talk about a reveal! Before I get into the actual love it or leave it part of things...let's just talk about this moment. The Tiffany inspired box was such a fabulous touch that put a sophisticated twist on an iconic Shangela moment. So....what about the outfit itself? Is it a love it or leave it?

What I Love: Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? Let me just say right off the bat, that I adore everything related to Tiffany's. So this outfit completely took my breath away. That stunning Tiffany blue colour on the dress, the fact that this is a two piece, the way the skirt bells out, the fact that the skirt says "Halleloo." I could go on and on about all of the things I adore. Once you add in all of those extras, like the giant bow (so fun and whimsical), the long curled hair, and those classic shoes, this is almost overwhelming with how incredible it all is.

What I Loathe: Not a single thing. This is a rare occurrence, because even when there is an outfit I am really into, there is something that doesn't speak to me. For me? This look is flawless from head to toe. There is nothing at all that I loathe!

In my opinion, Shangela knocked it out of the park with this entrance look. She definitely started Ru Paul's Drag Race All Stars 3 off on a good foot! Fashion and fun...the perfect combination.

What do you think? Love it or leave it?

xo Shannon


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  2. Oh wow. As it happens,this is my first encounter with the show. You seem to like the show very much. Perhaps I might watch an episode one day(It's not usually the type of show I'd choose but...maybe it should?)🤔

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  3. I had no idea about this show, but of course I also love everything Tiffany related :) Thank you for stopping by my blog, and leaving me such a kind comment!

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  5. I did not know her but now I want to follow her on Instagram. I already like it !!!!