Tuesday, January 23, 2018

review: revlon youth FX (fill + blur primer for forehead)

Everyone has insecurities. It would be a complete and total lie if I pretended there weren't certain things that bothered me or that I was hyper conscious of. Like my forehead. I know, it seems like a silly thing to be worried about, but it has always bothered me. Basically, I am a very expressive person when I talk (and often pull silly faces for no reason at all). That coupled with my dry skin (which can exaggerate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles) means that there are lines on my forehead that do not go away. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a teenager! Talk about annoying. Which is why the Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blue Primer for Forehead was so intriguing. Could it be? An answer to my problem?

Sort of. This comes in a rectangular bottle with a brush applicator. Inside is a thick, almost goopy kind of product that is applied directly to the forehead prior to putting on your foundation. According to the website, Revlon claims that this "specifically targets forehead wrinkles. Powered by innovative age corrective technology with micro-fillers and optical diffusers that work to fill in and blur lines and wrinkles." Basically this product fills in wrinkles on the forehead for a smoother and younger looking appearance. Not bad, right?

Here's the thing. This does work. Instantly, in fact! Right away you will notice your forehead lines or wrinkles fade considerably. It makes a big difference and looks great. The only downside is that as the day goes on (and you move your face or wrinkle your forehead) the product stops working and those wrinkles are back again. The only way this could completely work is to apply this and do your  best not to move your forehead for the rest of the day. Not exactly realistic.

You might think this was a product to pass on. Well, maybe not. What I have noticed is that my forehead wrinkles are actually starting to fade the more that I use this. (Though there is nothing online stating that this product actually reduces lines long-term.) I haven't changed anything else in my makeup or skin care routine lately so it would only make sense that it is due to the application of this product. Perhaps the primer made specifically for the forehead is adding some much-needed moisture or something like that. No idea. All I know, is that it is working and I am very happy about that.

On another note! I have a new YouTube video up....and it is all about being a small YouTuber. There are definitely some drawbacks but some really positive things as well. Take a look and let me know what you think - and whether or not you agree!

Have you tried anything from the Revlon Youth FX line? Share your thoughts below!

xo Shannon