Tuesday, January 9, 2018

fashionable winter footwear ideas.

It’s a struggle. Keeping your feet warm when the weather is cold, that is. Between the wind, snow, and slush, it can seem impossible to sport anything but bulky and unfashionable winter boots. So long high heels. Sayarana adorable flats. Just because the weather outside is less than desirable doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of fashionable footwear. This winter, you can keep your toes cozy and your look stylish. Don’t believe it? Need a few design ideas? You’re in luck. These fashionable winter footwear ideas are just what you’ve been waiting for.

Platform Boots

Okay, so maybe those open toes stiletto heels aren’t going to work in the middle of a snowstorm…but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little height! Swap out your stilettos for a pair of platform boots. They can give you the lift you’re after – while making it easier to get around in the snow and slush. To make them even more fashionable, look for fun details like faux fur trim or a choose from a warm colour selection. 

Knee High Boots

Nothing says stunning, powerful woman quite like a pair of knee high boots. These tall leather (or faux leather depending on your preferences) or suede boots can come with or without a heel – making them a versatile and stylish choice this winter. Look for a pair with rubber soles (they will grip the sidewalk better when you walk), a fleece lining (to keep you nice and warm), and plenty of style. You’ll be able to strut your stuff with confidence all season long.

Chic Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are always on trend for fall and winter. Make sure your trendy choice gives you all of the warmth, comfort, and ease of wear that you need – along with plenty of style! The trick to keeping your ankles warm while wearing ankle grazing boots is to focus on the lining. The boots should be lined throughout or near the top of the ankle. Bonus points if you can find a pair lined with faux fur. Things to look out for? Fashionable elements like laces, stitching, and colour as well as practical must-haves like durability and weather proofing.

Stressing about your winter footwear? Take a deep breath and relax! You can still showcase your fashionable side without sacrificing comfort and warmth. Going shopping for winter boots? Don’t stick with the same old bulky pair. Let these fashionable winter footwear ideas inspire your choice! You’ll be walking tall all season long.

Do you have a favourite pair of winter shoes? 

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