Tuesday, September 1, 2015

YouTube: #OOTD - One Direction Concert

The end of summer is a funny time. On one hand, it always seems to be full of excitement. On the other hand, the summer season is coming to a close. That means back to reality. No more hot sunny days, afternoons on the patio, or carefree moments. Sigh! Instead of focusing on the negatives....I am trying to channel my energy into the amazing experiences summer still has to offer. Like special moments with friends and even a party or two. Recently? I was lucky enough to have a seriously memorable summer evening. A group of friends and I went to see One Direction in concert.

It was definitely an interesting night! We met up for dinner beforehand which was fun at first. Unfortunately that ended badly thanks to atrocious service. We ended up missing the opening act completely - and having to run to the venue to get there in time to see 1D. Not impressed. Despite that little hiccup, it was a fun night. One Direction was amazing and it was great to see them with people I care about. Something I did beforehand? Film my very first Outfit Of The Day video for the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel.

Honestly? This was a bit nerve wracking. I am always trying to do new things and push myself creatively. Since all of the videos I have done thus far have been beauty based, I really wanted to incorporate my love for fashion. The concert seemed like the perfect excuse! That day, I did my nails, picked out an outfit that made me feel my best, focused on accessories, and put on some smokey eye makeup. Paired with a top knot bun and some sparkly flats....I was ready to go!

Take a look at my very first OOTD video and let me know what you think:

It was a good night and a great way to say so long to summer. Before the fall season officially kicks into high gear, I plan to make the most of every moment. I hope you do, too.

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What is the last concert you went to? What did you wear?

xo Shannon


  1. Aww lucky you, I am sure you had a fantastic time at the concert, Shannon. Loved the mani, cool.

  2. love that video dear,great pairing
    You are lucky to attend the concert

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