Sunday, September 6, 2015

breathe in the autumn air.

It has arrived. There is a chill in the air. Every morning when I start my walk to work....I find myself wishing I had a sweater. Or two! That means summer really is winding down. This is a little bit depressing. Thankfully there is fall fashion to ease the pain. While I adore the fun, flirty, and totally carefree summer styles, there is something special about autumn. Darker colours? Check. Edgy details? Check. The combination of strength and femininity? Check.

Each year there are new trends to enjoy. Some of my favourites for this year include carwash pleated skirts and geometric prints. By far the most compelling? Dark lace. I absolutely love the way lace looks. It can be so elegant and glamorous. Dark lace mixes romantic sensibilities with gothic inspiration. That instantly elevates even the simplest outfit. Which is why I wanted to create my ideal fall look. The focal point is that on trend black lace top. To compliment it? I chose some seasonal staples. Like maroon skinny jeans, ankle boots, gold accessories, and dark smokey makeup. Put it all together and you get something truly special.

This look is how I would best describe my own fall style. I love playing with darker - yet warm - colours, getting more dramatic with my makeup, and incorporating edgy accessories.

The beginning of fall is tough. Suddenly the weather is turning colder and those short shorts are tucked away for another year. The plus side? Incredible fashion and inspiring makeup. This look makes me excited to embrace the new season. Thank goodness for that.

What do you love most about fall fashion?

xo Shannon


  1. I also love the darker vampier colours... And then scarfs and boots in winter.

  2. I still love your blog! It is so nice <3

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  4. Amazing collage, totally besotted with the lace top!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  5. Hello to oxblood and burgundy this fall,,, love this post.. Great blog you have, stay inspired!


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  6. I am also excited for new season and black lace is stunning =) Kisses

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  8. Love that top! Great match!
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  9. Love it all!!! Getting me quite in the mood for Fall!!

    Amanda | Feast.Fashion.Faves

  10. This is a great collage, Shannon:) I myself hate it when summer ends, but I do like fall fashion. The items you picked are just bang on!

  11. The eyeshadow palette maybe from Tom Ford? I'm not sure... but it looks nice! :)

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    I would say thank you for your nice comments <3

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