Thursday, September 10, 2015

YouTube: Fall Makeup Tutorial (with Hard Candy Products!)

Well, it looks like fall is here to stay. Already the weather is changing. The nights are chilly and there are plenty of rainy days. Sigh! So long summer....hello September. One of the few things pulling me through? Fall fashion and makeup. As much as I cannot get enough of summertime, I love fall fashion and makeup trends most of all. Talk about drama! The colours are darker, there is tons of layering, and the makeup is smokier than ever. Personally? I love any excuse to go bolder with my makeup routine. Hence my love of fall trends! 

Recently, I came across a few new Hard Candy products. (Story of my life! I love how often they put out new things.)  One of them? A lipstick shade called Prowler. It was dark, vampy, and totally perfect for fall. Which actually inspired me to create a new YouTube video. I decided to use a few of my favourite Hard Candy products to put together a fall makeup look. That included the Walk The Line eyeliner, a baked blush, the Hard Candy brow it, Glamoflauge foundation, an eyeshadow palette, and of course, Prowler. The end result was something I felt very happy with. Definitely a makeup look I plan to re-create and wear out as the season continues. 

Want to see the look I created? Find out how to do it yourself? Then check out my latest YouTube video below......

Fall makeup is always exciting. Which is why I simply had to film a video dedicated to the subject. Please like, comment, and subscribe! Or head on over to the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel.

What do you think of this fall makeup look?

xo Shannon


  1. Such a cool makeup !

  2. You look stunning with this fall makeup, Shannon, love the dark red lipstick shade, it's gorgeous.

  3. Absolutely love the makeup! you look stunning as always!! your unconditional love to my youtube channel and blog is so appreciated shannon. Your such a sweetheart!! bless u! hugs!

  4. Great post!! GORGEOUS makeup!!


  5. I feel like the seasons are shifting as well, and I agree, Autumn make-up is the best for sure!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  6. so beautiful,i love that makeup

  7. Beautiful video and the make up:)

  8. Absolutely stunning look Shannon! I love that type of lipstick shade on you :) I really wish I can try Hard Candy products.. they look high quality :)

  9. Really cool! I love darker color of This fall!

  10. Such cute post, I like)

  11. woww what mouth watering post
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Just fell inlove with your blog. So clean and fresh, minimalistic. Keep it up!

    Greetings from Lithuania :)