Saturday, February 24, 2018

kylie cosmetics: in love with the koko (review and swatches)

Some people love the Kardashians. Others, not so much. Me? I adore them. Especially Khloe Kardashian. She has an outgoing personality and is never afraid to tell it like it is. As someone who has always been shy and struggled with verbal communication....I really admire those traits. The fact that Khloe has such a dynamic sense of style is just icing on the cake. In the past, I have tried a few things from Kylie Cosmetics and most recently, I added the In Love With the Koo Liquid Lip Kollection into my makeup collection.

In Love With the Koko is the follow up to the best-selling Koko Kollection (which I reviewed last year around this time), which was inspired by none other than Khloe herself. The original set had a mixture of nude and brightly coloured shades, but the follow up takes this concept to a more extreme level. The nudes are more unique ad the bolder shades are intense and vibrant. In my opinion, the new set effortlessly compliments the original.

Swatches and the Lip Kollection 

Before I dive into the full review of this collection (or Kollection, as it may be), here are some swatches and photos of each shade included in the set. The shades are: Sugar Plum, Bunny, Baby Girl, and Doll. 

Bunny, Baby Girl, Doll, and Sugar Plum.


If there is one thing I am a sucker for, it is cute packaging. Kylie Cosmetics definitely has that down pat. This set arrived in the classic Kylie box (black with white drip marks running down the side), was wrapped in white foam, and had a Kylie postcard inside as well. Then there is the packging for the lip set itself. The front of the box is sparkly with raised rose gold lettering and it looks gorgeous. The downside? The packaging inside the box was ripped and torn. That means my liquid lipsticks don't properly stand up inside. They just flop all over the place. I know it seems silly to be upset over cardboard packaging but this was a pricey set and it was something I'd splurged on. Plus, I always display my Kylie lip products and I can't do that with this one. Talk about a letdown.

Colour Selection

Now for the good stuff! The lipstick shades themselves. For me, this is crucial. Since I do have a lot of different lip products floating around in my collection, the most important thing for me is finding a shade (or shades) that are unique. That is something this collection does well. There is Sugar Plum which is described as a shimmering mid-tone nude gloss (but actually has more of a golden or rose-gold finish, in my opinion), Bunny is a nude-mauve shade, Baby Girl is a gorgeous soft peach, and Doll is a bold orange or tangerine shade. There is a ton of variety here in terms of the two finishes and the combination of nude and colourful lipsticks. My personal favourite is Bunny. I am obsessed! It is a gorgeous new take on a traditional neutral. In terms of both the colour selection and the shades themselves, this set is stellar. 

Overall Impressions

Even though the packaging was slightly damaged, there are no regrets with this purchase. I love each liquid lipstick (and can see myself wearing those bolder colours a lot in the spring and summer months) and that stunning shimmer gloss. I actually think the gloss included in this set is superior to the one from the original Koko Kollection. It is far more pigmented and really makes an impact. Overall, I love, love, love this set. 

Rating:   4.5/5

Are you a fan of Kylie Cosmetics? Have you tried the In Love With the Koko set?


  1. Just wonderful colors :)
    Khloe is also my fav from the Kardashain-Jenner clan.
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    1. Me too! They are really gorgeous. Thank you so much for stopping by :)