Tuesday, October 14, 2014

spotlight: sweet mam'selle

Certain things excite me. Lately, what has been exciting me? Candles and scented wax. I find it relaxing and soothing to do something simple like light a candle in my room or use my wax warmer to melt. It helps put me at ease while I am working - and makes those at-home spa days feel a little more luxurious. Suddenly, my room smells amazing and I feel a little better about my day!

I suppose it should come as no surprise that I have fallen in love with candles and scented wax. Pretty smells just have a way of making me happy. That is probably why I have a massive perfume collection, scented air freshners, scented soaps, and yes....my little wax collection.

Recently, I was lucky enough to try out some incredible scented wax tarts from Sweet Mam 'selle. Based in Germany, each batch is created and poured with love. The scents are amazing - and the tarts are ridiculously cute. Other wax melts that I have are basic squares. Nothing special. Not the wax tarts from Sweet Mam 'selle! As you can see from the picture above, each and every tart is just as beautiful to look at as it is to smell. There are so many fabulous details included, like the use of colour, glitter, and the addition of small little gems. I love it! These tarts are definitely a must have for the beauty lover who loves everything in their life to look fabulous.

The scented waxes I received? Juniper Breeze (the white square wax pictured above), Apple Mango Tango (the yellow heart), Cascada (the blue heart), and Pink Fruity Sands (the pink flower shaped wax). Each one had a totally unique scent - different than anything else I have used in the past. I was so impressed with the beautiful smells. They were noticeable but not overpowering. It was the perfect balance! Let's start with Juniper Breeze. This is a very light, fresh fragrance. It has a wonderful floral scent but it manages to add in a light and fresh smell. This is one of my favourites from the group! It is the perfect wax for a Sunday afternoon when the sun is shining through your windows.

Now for Cascada. This was the first of the scented wax that I melted....and I couldn't have been happier with it! The scent is very girly. It is the kind of smell that you can paint your toe nails to, watch a chick flick, or read a magazine. I just love how light yet bold the smell is. (Plus, the glitter left behind in my wax warmer fills my heart with glee!) Apple Mango Tango may have the same shape and design as Cascada, but their scents? Worlds apart. As the name suggests, it has a very fruity smell. I just love the apple undertones. It is absolutely perfect for the fall season. Just thinking about the smell right now is making me excited.

Last but certainly not least is my personal favourite....Pink Fruity Sands. Not only is the design itself super cute (I love the pink colour and the little jewel on top!) but it smells incredible. Without exaggeration, I can honestly say that this is my favourite scented wax ever. It smells super fruity and feminine. It is the kind of smell that you could never grow tired of. I feel like certain scents just call to certain people - and this one has definitely called to me. It is phenomenal. I love it more than I could possibly begin to describe.

If you couldn't tell from this post, I was very happy to receive these scented wax tarts from Sweet Mam 'selle. Adorable designs and incredible smells. What more could you need? I am proud to call myself a fan of these wonderful scented wax creations. I wanted to give a big thank you to Silke at Sweet Mam 'selle for giving me the opportunity to try them out for myself.

Want to snag some scented wax tarts for yourself? Then head over to Sweet Mam 'selle to find out more. You can check out the website, Facebook page, or follow her on Instagram.I promise you won't regret it!

Do you love to melt scented wax? What kind of smells do you love?

xo Shannon


  1. These look amazing! I wish I could smell this post Shannon :)

  2. Great review!
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  3. Wowwww so lovely
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  4. bellissime queste candele! corro a visitare la pagina facebook!

  5. this is so lovely and creative.

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  7. This is really cool! I have one of those holder to melt the wax, will need to pick up more scents!

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