Saturday, October 18, 2014

if at first you don't succeed....apply more lipstick!

Know when you fall in love with a lipstick shade? I mean, you see it and you have to have it? That happened to me. I have been doing very well trying not to shop too much or buy things I don't need....and then this lipstick came into my life. I was literally walking past the Michael Kors makeup counter, not intending to buy anything. And there is was: Dame. It was love at first sight. Suddenly, I didn't care what it cost. I knew that it had to be mine.

What was it about the shade? It was the perfect combination of a deep berry shade and a rich purple. It is the perfect colour for a sultry fall look. It was also different from any other colour I have in my lipstick collection thus far. (And I have a lot of lipstick. Oops!) Needless to say, there was just something about Dame.

Are you ready to see this stunning shade up close? This is Dame by Michael Kors: the packaging and a swatch of the lipstick:

Let's start with the packaging. Like all Michael Kors makeup products, it comes with sleek and simple gold packaging. It has an elegant and luxurious feel to it. Love! Now for the product itself. If you couldn't tell by now....I love the colour. But what I love most? It is super buildable. One layer of the lipstick creates a pretty stain - but two or three layers creates a bold and pigmented colour. This is such a versatile product. There are so many ways to wear it - but no matter what, the colour always looks stunning. Also, the texture is creamy and the lipstick isn't drying on the lips, which is a major plus.

I have reached for this colour a lot lately. Every time I put together a fall inspired look, it is the icing to the cake. I love to wear it with a sweater and some dark smokey eye makeup. It creates a dramatic but sultry makeup look - and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Shockingly enough, this product was actually fairly reasonable in price. For a full sized lipstick, it cost $26CDN. Not too shabby!

So, it is time to see this shade in action. This is my makeup look featuring Dame by Michael Kors:

There is nothing I love more than a makeup product that makes me feel passionate, inspired, and excited. Dame does just that. It is a definitely fall favourite!

Do you own any makeup from Michael Kors? What do you think of this shade?

xo Shannon


  1. Love your witty title.
    And those MK lipstick looks great.

  2. Nice colour! I didn't know MK even had cosmetics! lol

    xo T.

  3. You're soo pretty ! :)

    keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  4. Love this <333

  5. Love this glam look! :-) It reminds me of a look I had for Toni&Guy shooting (here: :-)


  6. Charming colour ^^

    恵美より ♥

  7. This shade looks wonderful on you Shannon! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment for me :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  8. That's a nice shade indeed!

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    Keep in touch

  9. So pretty dear!!


  10. your makeup is flawless as always x

  11. I love Michael Kor cosmetics!!
    Great lips
    Teresa Quiroga Blog
    Big kiss

  12. Love the color of that lipstick :)


  13. I'm in love! That color is so holiday!!!

    Amanda |

  14. ...lovely color e lovely packaging!!!
    ...I want to try beauty products michael kors...I love his creations!!!!!!

  15. meraviglioso questo colore di rossetto!