Friday, March 21, 2014

follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness.

“You don’t need so much makeup.”

I was at the train station buying my ticket. After a stressful morning of writing, editing, and worrying about time, I was finally heading downtown to meet my friends. We had already bought our passes to see the Veronica Mars movie…and I was downright giddy. Even though I hadn’t had a ton of time to get ready, I was feeling pretty darn good about myself by the time I got to that ticket counter. Why? I had my Veronica Mars t-shirt on, my hair was perfectly straight, and my makeup was on point.

Then he said it.

I was waiting for the middle-aged male in front of me to pass me my train ticket. Then he paused, pulled his head back, cocked it to the side, and said: “You don’t need so much makeup.” Stunned, I grabbed my ticket and walked off. It wasn’t until I reached the platform that my blood began to boil. How dare he?

Here’s the thing about makeup: it’s expression, it’s experimentation, it’s fun. It is also none of his business how much I do or do not put on my own skin. What bothered me the most? His comment was completely unwarranted. At no point did I ask for his opinion. The fact that a stranger felt it was okay to say something about my appearance...I was downright offended.

I'll be honest: even when I think about it now, I get angry. But here's the thing...I’m not putting on my mascara to impress a stranger. I’m not rocking a berry coloured blush to get people to like me. The makeup I wear is for me and me alone.

Given my own experience, I want to make this a discussion post. So, I have a couple of questions for you:

Has anyone ever said something like this to you? What was your response? And more importantly – why do you choose to wear makeup? How does it make you feel?

xo Shannon


  1. sei bellissima con o senza trucco!!!!
    anche a me dicono sempre che sono piu' bella senza ma io adoro truccarmi!
    baci <3

  2. for me is fun and it's relaxing!!!!!!

  3. I haven't been told I wear too much, but I have been told I need to wear more on occasion. I wear makeup for two reasons: 1) necessity; 2) because it's fun. I have mild rosecea, which results in a red forehead after a hot shower or a workout session. I need to make it look not as bright. I also need to add to my makeup collection to further help with it. But, makeup is also fun for me. I like trying different eye shadow colours to see what effect they have on my eyes. Makeup is an adventure for me; a fun adventure.

  4. you lok lovely girl, thanks for your sweet comments about my hairstyles!
    thanks for your visit, new post is up

  5. :( I'm so sorry someone said that to you. I can't believe a stranger would even have the nerve to say that.

    No one has ever said that to me, but someone said it to my friend once and it made me so angry! The only makeup she ever wore was mascara and eyeliner and someone said she wore too much eyeliner.

    People can be so rude.

    You look amazing!


  6. Amazing post… loving the makeup doll
    Happy weekend! Xox from Miami,

  7. There will always be haters... keep representing you... your personality and your style! I'm over 50 and I still pile it on.... you young girls give me so much inspiration!

  8. Oh very beautiful pics!
    Well sweetie Use makeup because I like it, is fun and I can change my style!
    Now I´m following you in GFc (1283) and Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back in both!

  9. Love your make-up! :)
    Have a good day!

  10. I don't think you wear too much make up. And nobody ever said that to me. Hopefully nobody will. You're very pretty WITH and WITHOUT make up <3

    Would you btw like to follow eachother?


  11. I have just found your blog and I seriously love it!! I only followed you via google + because my gfc is going crazy lately and I hate it! You are really beautiful..Don't care what other people think or say because as you said everything you do is about yourself and you are the only that can judge you!! Keep it up...
    Maria xox

  12. I personally think it was a complement!
    It would of made me feel good about myself that I don't need to wear makeup!!

  13. Hello dear... This make up is very beautiful! Congrat! Thank you for visiting my blog! Do you want to see my last post?
    Inside Me

  14. Well I dont use make up because I am too young for it right now, but currently learning how to do it and I love make up!

  15. I ever been on that situasion before . My friend always tell me that i dont need to makeup . But actually, somehow , we need it . Just do what you think right . And dont bother ♥


  16. you're beautiful just the way you are :) x

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  18. great style, great stuff!!
    have u a nice week end

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  19. Gosh sorry you had to experience that! I feel like for some people it's appropriate, and for others it's not. Obviously, you can wear make up on any spectrum well, others, they just try to hard and it's too over the top. The guy probably just hasn't been exposed to women that wear more make up than what he's use to. I mean, looking at your photos and from your last post, your makeup look seems common; it's not like you're wearing blue eye shadow and hot pink lipstick or glitter!

    Amanda |

  20. Pfff you´re so right to be angry... I guess that´s the silly belief that women dress up and wear make up only for men, and therefore men sometimes believe that they possess the right to advise women how to do it better. He probably meant it as a compliment, but I totally understand that it makes you angry.

  21. Io penso che ognuno sia libero di andare in giro come gli pare ;)

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  22. My fiance tells me that he likes me better with less make up, but to us women, we wear make up as art/expression. For him, I wear no make up around the house, but when I go to events or special occasions I pile it on and do me. I instantly feel my mood change so I guess it's a balance between the two.

    maybe he meant you're good looking enough you don't need make up? (a compliment) Either way his opinion was not warranted.


  23. Definitely uncalled for! But I agree with Paulina...a lot of men like women au naturale...but that doesn't stop me from wearing makeup;)! I've been wearing makeup in some shape or form ever since I was a little girl. I will never ever leave the house without makeup. I just don't feel comfortable and it's no ones business. Like you said we wear the makeup for nobody but ourselves. And frankly, I think you look gorgeous and your makeup is definitely not too much. P.S. Some lady once stopped me on the street and made fun of the way I walked. She said I was the most pigeon toed person she had ever seen. I was so hurt and I could totally relate to the way you are feeling. Some people have no filter.

  24. oh no ! But I agree, I don't wear make-up to impress anyone , its for me and me alone, and no one should eer make you feel bad about it. It's non of their business.

  25. I choose makeup because its my passion! No matter what people said. We don't get food by hearing their rude comments, dear! Be pretty always! :D

  26. Love this! I agree you are stunning without makeup but at the same time makeup is fun and not meant to impress
Emma| With A City Dream

  27. I've received some comments about my lash extensions, but I think it's my choice to have them and I actually don't use that much other makeup, especially in summer. However, when I feel like having more, it's like you said - my business. Stay strong Shannon, this time you're definitely right! Silly man! He just probably wanted to start to talk to you and didn't know what to say so he thought he was giving you a compliment.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  28. do not worry about the judgment of others! the important thing is that you're comfortable with yourself!
    P.S. with this makeup you look great!

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  30. well nobody asked me this question
    but dnt get angry wid wat ppl say
    and yes makeup is really important to me as without makeup i look so ill :p

  31. I agree with you, that was quite a rude thing for him to say. Although, I have found that most people who make comments like that intend for it to be a compliment and don't realise how annoying it actually is. I love your makeup and think your attitude towards wearing makeup just for yourself is brilliant!

    x Sophie