Thursday, June 21, 2012

you come to new york to find the ambiance that will evoke your best.

There is something special about New York City. It is easy to fall in love with the energy of the city, the bustle of the crowds, and the awe inspiring sights.

Recently, my family spent some time in New York to celebrate my Mom's birthday. It was a good trip, but as many do, it felt too short! I spent some time writing in Central Park, went to the fashion museum at FIT, saw Evita - staring the absolutely perfect Ricky Martin - on Broadway, and did some shopping!

Here are some of my pictures from the trip!

Up next - my New York shopping haul!

Have you ever been to New York? What did you think of it?

xo Shannon


  1. That stripey dress is gorgeous on you! I love New York, I've only been once though and I dream of going back all the time. Very jealous! Hope you had a great trip xo

  2. Love the photos... You look very happy and I can't even choose which is my favorite!

  3. I like all your photos! It sounds like you had a really good trip.


  4. love your sunglasses! and wow, that is A LOT of nerds xD

  5. I've never been, but I would LOVE to go.. it's on the bucketlist for sure. Also, PLEASE tell me that huge box is actually full of Nerds! So cool!

    Glad to have found your blog today!


  6. Looks like fun! I love NY!

    Bad Joan

  7. Beautiful blog :)
    Follow each other?

  8. I am going to New York next weekend for a week! AHHHHHH!!

  9. i wish to visit new york, very beautiful post :)

  10. I have never been, but I would like to visit this city. Why do I live so far away :D I think, New York is a magical city. I love the yellow taxi :)

  11. I do love NYC, And such a cute striped dress!
    xo Annie

  12. Oh it looks like you had so much fun!! We both LOVE NYC!! I even went to NYU for awhile and ended up getting engaged there too! It's a very special place for fact, I really want to get back up there this year! Can't wait to see your haul!

    Jayme @ HEr Late Night Cravings

  13. hey, shannon! these are lovely photos! it's my old stomping grounds. i love times square, and you look so pretty in these pics. :) can't wait to see your haul. :)
    have a great wknd!

  14. Ohh thanks for sharing these lovely photos :) Nope I've never been to NYC but it's one of my dreams!

  15. Wow that is a massive packet of nerds haha! I really need to see New York one of these days, you look like you had a ball! :-)

  16. Beautiful photos..! I love and miss NYC.. Thanks for sharing :) xo akiko
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  17. NYC looks amazing! Those stripes look lovely on you!!!

  18. thank you ! :)
    amazing dress ! <3

  19. Great shots of my favorite city in the world. :)

    Step into Estherina's World

  20. I've never been, but it is def a city to see at lest once in a lifetime!

  21. It's my dream to go to NYC!
    Very green with envy right now...

  22. looks like if you really had so much fun(: its my dream to go there, i hope ill visit it someday(:

  23. New York is amazing, can't wait to go back there again.
    Great photos, looks like you had a great time :)
    No better way of celebrating your mom's birthday!!

    LOVE BO,

  24. Honey, sooo amazing you've been to NYC, the city is soooo great and you're so right with what you say about it! Beautiful pictures you took ;) You're post really make me look forward to my visit to NYC next month much more :) xx Nini

  25. ny is my biggest dream!!
    kisses from prague

  26. beautiful pictures, I really want to go! and great blog :D

  27. hehe great pics!
    and i have to say i like this blog so much. maybe you'd like to follow each other?
    Kisses, Lona

  28. Lovely photos
    Would u like to follow each other?
    Let me know ^^

  29. in LOVE! NYC is one of my all time FAVE destinations!!! It's where I automatically want to go when I have vacay time!
    Already been twice this year!!!
    You have so many fantastic photos...I MISS IT!!!!