Monday, June 11, 2012

summer favourites series: part two

When it comes to summer makeup, I love bronze, gold, and brown tones. They can look so effortless but still bring a ton of glamour.

Last summer I frequently used Tarina Tarantino's Sparklicity Bronze Palette. As summer creeps closer, I find myself going back to it. There is a range of light shimmery colours, browns, golds, and even a gorgeous turquoise. The colour pigmentation is good and there is little fall out. They last quite well, also, which is a necessity for summer!

"Influenced by soaring Moorish architecture and dusty Turkish horizons, Sparklicity Bronze conjures up images of sun drenched vistas and regal exoticism. Dazzling geometric tiling from the famed Topkapi Palace inspires this sophisticated update of summer colors. Shimmering neutrals, misty golds, and soft oasis blue lure you eastward on this elegant voyage." 
—XOXO, Tarina Tarantino, jewelry designer and makeup artist

This palette is just perfect for summer! I recently used the turquoise colour with some of the deep, red-ish gold colour and the shimmery white on the bottom row to create a beautiful look for an outdoor concert. This was the result:

For summer makeup, consider going bronze!

What is your favourite kind of summer makeup?

xo Shannon


  1. Beautiful! That palette looks amazing, perfect colours for summer :) x

  2. Very pretty look :) Love the shades in this palette!

  3. Beautiful eyeshadow.

  4. gorgeous look!
    such a beautiful pallet!

  5. love the turquoise color! lovely make up!

    City Style

  6. I think you look amazing... Love the palettes but my favorite summer makeup is the lipgloss.

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  7. Pretty make'up, and this pallet too!
    Greetings from Berlin :)

  8. Wow you look like a gorgeous beach babe! I really need to switch up my look for summer - love how that palette gives you some variety! :)

    sorelle in style

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  10. Love the look!

    Summer is definitely all about that glowing look.

    I love golds and bronzes but find it hard to use it daily unless it's for a night out.

    Love Txx

    P.S. I just also wanted to thank you for all you comments on my posts... you're so supportive and I'm really grateful :)

  11. This is a perfect summer look, just how it would wear it! I just found me the milani baked blushes & bronzers and are totally in love with them!

    And Hey :)
    I just awarded you with the "Kreativ Blogger Award"

    Love, Janine

  12. beautiful colors!


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  14. I really like the colors, the light brown (2nd) is my fave.
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  15. i awlays just put on eyeliner :x

  16. You have such a pretty face!
    I would love to try that make up brand.

  17. I like your make up..very pretty
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  18. Uh that is pretty look.
    I have to say the same colors as you... I've been reaching for that bronzer more that i usually do

  19. Just found your blog. Love it! I love how you look!

    Never tried this palette, is it available online? Because we don't have it :(

    Following! <3

  20. I love the bronze tone. It looks so amazing when the light reflects a bit :)

  21. gorgerous dear¡¡ so nice make up¡¡ xoxo

  22. that is the perfect for summer, I just got my new summer colors from Chanel this weekend.



  23. I love gold/bronze tones too, but since i am a novice when it comes to make-up, i am quite unsure if it suits my Asian skin; yellowish-tone.

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  24. Beautiful make up dear, love that bronze color !

  25. you look gorgeous dear!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  26. Ooh I love your eyes - soooo pretty! And thank heavens for bronzer - I sooooo need it :)


  27. The bronzer looks great on you! I try to keep it simple makeup wise during summer since I hope to see the freckles come out on my cheeks! :) Since I already have lash extensions, I merely use some powder, bronzer and maybe some rouge.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!

    E from Helsinki

  28. This look is so pretty i love how you did you're eyes! for summer i LOVE coral,either eye shadow or lipstick :)i subbed!

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