Thursday, March 29, 2018

in love with: huda beauty warm brown obsessions eyeshadow palette

We all have those go-to eyeshadow shades. For some people, that includes brighter colours like pink and green and for others, that involves smokey greys and navy blues. When it comes to my own personal favourites, they are what I like to call bold neutrals. Essentially, that entails warm browns, golds, rust shades, and other neutral shades that pack a punch. Over the last several months, I have been hearing an awful lot about Huda Beauty. Unfortunately, every Sephora store in my area seems to be sold out of the full-sized palettes....but thankfully, I was able to get my hands on a mini set dubbed Warm Brown Obsessions. Colour wise, it was totally up my alley.

This set contains nine different eyeshadow shades, including a number of warm reddish browns, camel shades, deep browns, light browns, and even a shimmery gold colour in the centre of the palette. There is a ton of variety in here in terms of the colour selection, making it a fabulous travel-friendly option. You can keep it simple, go soft, smokey, or make your look ultra glamorous. The possibilities are endless! Here is a look at the shades themselves along with some swatches.

Each and every shade works together to create a cohesive yet varied eyeshadow palette. It really is remarkable. Lately, I have really been enjoying those warmer red-toned browns...but that gold shade is just stunning. It can be worn alone or paired with that dark brown colour to create the ultimate night out look. In terms of colour selection, this palette blows me away, but there is also the texture and pigmentation to consider.

Quite frankly, I had high expectations going into this. After hearing all of the buzz centered around this brand, I was really hoping the eyeshadow shades would live up to the hype. They did! These are nicely pigmented (not too much and not too little), buildable, and silky smooth. The shadows have a very soft buttery texture that gives the entire palette an undeniable sense of luxury. Since almost all of the shades in this set are matte, I was especially impressed with that smooth texture. A lot of times, matte colours tend to be on the dry side. These were not at all. No wonder this little palette has become my newest favourite.

The quality is fantastic, the colours are beautiful, and this is super small and easy to take with you, wherever you go! I am totally head over heels in love. Ready to see the eyeshadow shades in action? Here is a recent look that I created using the Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions palette.

This was my first (but hopefully not last) experience trying out makeup from Huda Beauty. In my opinion, this is definitely a brand on the rise! The quality really impressed me.

Have you tried anything from Huda Beauty? What do you think of this palette?