Tuesday, December 19, 2017

my christmas record collection.

Sometimes, people say that I was born in the wrong decade. And sometimes, I think they are right. If only for my love of records and music from decades past. My obsession is largely focused around the 1970s but the 50s and 60s are also fair game. Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that I have built-up a sizable record collection. I have tons of different genres and decades covered! That includes holiday music. There are actually quite a few records floating around my collection that are dedicated to Christmas songs. Some are really old while others are more recent re-prints....but I love them all the same.

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I wanted to take a little time today to show you my Christmas record collection. These are the albums that are on when I decorate, bake, write holiday cards, wrap gifts, and well....prepare for the big day. They really add to the magic of the season.

John Denver....the Spirit of the Season

These are without a doubt my favourites from my collection. (Even though they are re-prints.) Why? Both of these holiday albums shaped my childhood and made me the John Denver fan that I am today. While Rocky Mountain Christmas was discovered a little further down the road....his album with the Muppets was my introduction. I listened to it over and over again until our original record would literally not play anymore. After that, we listened to a cassette tape every single holiday season. Over and over again. Those songs aren't just special to me. They represent the magic and wonder of Christmas. They make me think of my family. They make me feel safe and warm. 

Traditional Cartoon Characters

The next group of records from my collection are all about classic cartoons. There is a Care Bears record, a Snoopy record, the Smurfs, and Berenstain Bears. All of them make me happy and remind me of being a child around the holidays. My favourite of this bunch is definitely the Smurfs record. The songs are so so good. Shockingly good. In fact, I listen to that one quite a lot. Each and every song feels special.

Christmas Classics and Holiday Icons

This next batch should be full of some familiar faces. Like Perry Como, Bing Crosby, the Partridge Family, and Burl Ives. (Oh and a classic Christmas carols record for good measure!) To me, these artists really represent the holiday season. They are well-known for their TV specials, seasonal songs, and contribution to the merriment of the holidays. Definitely some classics. For me? Bing Crosby is  a must-have at Christmastime. I listen to his songs constantly! 

Contemporary Christmas Albums 

Finishing up my Christmas record collection are a few contemporary artists. That includes Diana Krall, She and Him, and of course, Mariah Carey. Though the genres are very different (jazz, folk/pop, and r&b) each record manages to tap into the many emotions that surround this time of year. Especially Mariah! Hers is by far one of the best holiday albums of all time.

There you have it. That was a little peek at my Christmas record collection. It may not be massive but each and every record has a significant amount of meaning to me. They really are the backdrop of my holiday season.

Do you have a record collection? What do you listen to at Christmas?

xo Shannon


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