Saturday, October 28, 2017

review: christina aguilera perfume

Though there are many things that interest me, music and fragrances are pretty high up on the list. There is something about the way a song or artist can connect with you....and describe how your emotions with ease. The same can be said with perfume. One whiff can take you to another place or describe your current mood. They transport you. They make you feel. Which is why it seems fitting that so many musicians have created their own fragrances over the years. Though there are many different examples in my perfume collection....the most recent is from Christina Aguilera.

I have been a fan of Christina for a very long time. It makes me smile to remember ripping photos of her out of YM magazine (wow, I sound old) and taping them to my bedroom walls. Or singing along to her songs whenever I had the house to myself. Or my dad and I dancing to "I Turn To You" at my wedding. Yes, Christina has been a part of my life for many years. So it was a nice surprise when my husband gave me her signature perfume for no reason at all.

Instantly, it took my breath away. The bottle is stunning and has a lovely curved shape, an intricate black lace design along the front, elegant text, and a simple black bow to tie it all together. The packaging is so classically beautiful that this hasn't made its way to my perfume shelf yet. Instead, I keep it displayed on my dresser. It is just too stunning to put away!

It isn't just the bottle that makes me happy. The actual scent is beautiful as well. It is sultry, seductive, and has a warm musky undertone. This is ideal for a night out with someone special or an important event. For instance, I chose this scent when I went to a wedding a little while back. And when I went on a date night with my husband. There are so many reasons to wear it! And whenever I do....I feel powerful, strong, and sexy. This is easily my current favourite perfume.

Have you tried this Christina Aguilera fragrance? What did you think of it?

xo Shannon


  1. Well, to be honest I prefer perfumes that smell like fruit and this packaging makes me think about something way stronger .. Am I right?

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  2. This perfume looks so nice, and I was allway thinking about how it smells, because I can not buy it in my country. Thanks you so much for this review! I really like your blog and pictures, so I'm following you and I hope you'll follow me back. Thanks.

    Best regards from Serbia!

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