Thursday, October 13, 2016

review: shine by heidi klum

In all honesty? I had no idea Heidi Klum had her own perfume. The bottle (pictured above) was something I stumbled across by accident and simply had to try. It was on clearance for a measly $5 so it seemed logical to pick it up and test it out. If only because Project Runway is one of my all-time favourite shows. Now that it is officially part of my perfume collection....I am glad that "Shine" made its way into my life. It is a lovely fragrance.

The bottle itself is very unique. It has an oval shape with a grooved pattern as well as a luxurious gold emblem and cap. The overall appearance is sophisticated and elegant. Which is exactly how the perfume smells. "Shine" is musky and romantic. It oozes beauty and refinement. Whenever I stop and smell it, I immediately think of a dinner date with someone special or a holiday party. Or even a birthday celebration. Yes, this is definitely a special occasion kind of scent.

While I adore the smell of "Shine," it is not likely to get a ton of use from me. The reasoning is pretty simple: this is not an everyday perfume. On the plus side, it will make every important event or a holiday get together feel special. One spritz of this perfume and you will hold your head higher and stand a little taller. It is just so elegant and beautiful. I really do love it. This was certainly worth the $5 investment. If only so I can get my glam on every once and a while.

Have you tried this fragrance by Heidi Klum? What do you think of it?

xo Shannon


  1. I didn't know she had her own perfume! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Wow it seems so cool! I even didn't know she had her own parfume
    Have a great week-end babe <3
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  3. Ahh, it sounds lovely! I have several perfumes like that as well - only something I can spritz on every here and there, as opposed to my Bath and Body Works perfumes that I douse on in the mornings haha!