Friday, April 8, 2016

review: marc jacobs highliner gel eye crayon

There is nothing like a trip to Sephora. It is always a little overwhelming. Not only are there products everywhere....but there is a constant crowd of makeup lovers desperate to get their hands on anything and everything. Myself included. Rarely do I leave Sephora empty handed. The last time I was out? I was looking for a few specific items. None of which were in stock. (Isn't that always the way?) Shock! Horror! I was about to leave the store without making a purchase. That is, until I locked eyes on this Marc Jacobs set. It included three mini highliner gel eye crayons. In some seriously gorgeous colours. There was a purple, navy, and a turquoise.

Needless to say....this set made its way home with me. Originally I thought these eyeliners would not get a lot of use. Wrong! It turns out that I have been using these on a very regular basis. The green came in handy on St. Patrick's Day. I've worn the purple three or four times. And that navy? Ideal for the lower lash line. Despite the fact that these gel liners are bolder colours....they are actually quite wearable. They are a great way to add a fun pop of colour to any makeup look.

Each shade is beautiful. The green is vibrant, the navy is smokey, and the purple is bold and fun. Yes, these shades have definitely impressed me. They are diverse, different, and easy to wear. Perfection! As for the finish? They have a shimmery sort of metallic finish rather than matte. This was unexpected in the best possible way. I love the dimension it gives to my makeup looks. As for staying power? These last. Forever. They do not smudge or budge at all during the day. In fact, it takes a decent amount of scrubbing to get them off at night! They are very long lasting.

Now for the texture. This is perhaps the best thing about these liners. The gels are super smooth and glide easily along the lash line. No pulling or tugging. These are like butter! The packaging is another plus. It is simple with a rounded silver top and silver body. The liner shade itself is shown on the bottom. That makes it quick and easy to find what you are looking for. The packaging is the perfect blend between luxury and convenience. Marc Jacobs definitely hit it out the park with this little set!

This was my first time trying out anything from Marc Jacobs. It makes me very glad that I took the chance on this little eyeliner set. The only downside? It makes me desperate to try out other products from the Marc Jacobs makeup line. Ahh, the life of a makeup lover. 

Have you tried these eyeliners? What did you think of them?

xo Shannon


  1. I LOVE this makeup on you, Shannon, you look beyond beautiful here. I try to avoid Sephora like the plague, lol, it's not good for my bank-account. Everyone was talking about how great the eye shadows are by Marc Jacobs, so I thought of getting the Marc Jacobs x-mas palette but it was sold out in no time at all, tho. The liners sounds cool like something I just need in my life. Happy Friday, hun.

  2. Great post!
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  3. Sephora is like a candy store! I've never tried MJ beauty, but this palette is stunning on you.
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  4. I haven't tried them but they sound really good. I love Sephora too.


  5. This looks so cool . I love green and purple . Can't wait to get my hands on these .

  6. It looks beautiful! I find it sometimes hard to put eyeliner on and are on the look for a new one... this one looks great ! Xx Laurence
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  7. ...I love these highliner gel eye crayons...I also love the lolita eyeshadow palette, the lipsticks and other products!!!!!!

  8. Nice look pretty!! good Sunday !!! !!!