Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the love of family is life's greatest blessing.

It feels good to go back. To relive the beautiful days of my youth. That is one of the many reasons Fuller House has become a full blown obsession. I remember watching Full House over and over again when I was little. (And as an adult. Those episodes never get old.) There was something so perfect about that show. Each character was distinct and lovable. Sure they had their faults but ultimately? The love of family could get them through anything. That is a wonderful message. One that many television shows seem to lack these days. There is so much focus on shock value. On sex and violence. Fuller House takes us back to a simpler time. When love was all you needed to get through life's ups and downs.

Needless to say? I have been binge-watching Fuller House. I love seeing the old cast back together again. To see the sets re-created. To feel the magic one more time. Sure the nostalgia factor is huge....but the show stands up on its own. The new kids are charismatic and delightful. The way the original characters have grown is exciting and fulfilling. There are laughs, smiles, and even a few tears. For me? Fuller House is everything I hoped it would be. It isn't just a television show. It is an important part of my history.

Since I am so inspired by this wonderful show.....I thought that I would make a post about it. Not just what it means to me but the fashion as well. Growing up? My favourite character was always Stephanie Tanner. Witty and sharp tongued. Honest and always changing. But watching Fuller House? I cannot get over the incredible fashion that DJ Tanner-Fuller (played by the wonderful Candice Cameron Bure) sports on the show. Polished, put together looks that are classy, sophisticated, and just a little bit flirty.

Seriously. I am loving her outfits so much. Whether it is a cute flowy top with a pair of skinny jeans or a gorgeous pencil skirt and crop top.....she always looks fantastic. Sadly there aren't a ton of screencaps online (especially ones that showcase her fabulous wardrobe) but here are a few of the ones I have found. Get ready to get inspired!

Fuller House exceeded my expectations. It made me happy and oh-so-inspired. Thank goodness another season is in the cards!

Have you watched Fuller House yet?

xo Shannon


  1. nice!


  2. Sadly I've never even seen Full House 😏

  3. Really great show and the costumes are very chic too, great for inspirations!

    The Flower Duet

  4. I would watch Full House everyday after school when I was little! Having the show come back was a huge dose of nostalgia. Stephanie has always been my favorite too! She's such a good aunt on Fuller House. My favorite character is probably Max, though! That kid is SO cute and funny! I love it!

  5. I've never seen the show but the clothes is very pretty indeed

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  7. Thanks for the comment <3
    great :D


  8. Shannon,
    I have been thinking of watching Fuller House and now you have actually got me looking into episodes. lol
    xx Belle

  9. Yeah those where the the days. I loved Full House. Stephanie has always been my favorite too. Haven't watched Fuller House yet, tho.