Thursday, November 5, 2015

writing is the painting of the voice.

It's amazing. I used to get so excited about every single article. Each time I submitted one....there was this wave of anticipation. When would it go up? Would anybody read it? Would anybody actually like it? For a long time, there mere concept of being published was foreign to me. Growing up, it had always been my dream to see my name in print. (Still waiting on that one. Internet writing is where life has taken me!) My whole life I had written stories, poetry, articles, and everything in between. But they all stayed with me. I rarely shared them. So, when I started writing professionally, there was this sense of fear and excitement that accompanied every piece.

The other day I was scheduling posts to go up for a company I write for. Suddenly out of nowhere I remembered. I remembered how I used to feel before every article went live. That buzz, that thrill. I remembered how I would send article links to every person I had ever known. That I would favourite the links. That I would screen cap every single page. The simple fact that something I had written was out there for public consumption? It felt like a dream come true. That moment of remembering? It made me nostalgic....but it also made me sad. I miss that feeling. In my need to get things done, stick to a schedule, and finish my to do list, I have forgotten how to pause, reflect, and process.

This is something I want to change. I want to feel proud of the things I have done and the pieces I have written. Which is why I decided to share a few of my recent articles with you. If you have a moment, please take a look.

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Lauren Conrad: From MTV to NYFW
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4 Reasons To Date Online
5 Ways To Infuse Your Day With Happiness
Wedding Flowers: Real or Fake? 
When To Post Wedding Photos

What have you written lately?

xo Shannon


  1. I love that typewriter, not sure if I would use it though.
    My blog - Hello World

  2. Wow, Shannon.....I'm so impressed! You've written for so many different sites! Keep pursuing your dreams girl! You are such a talented writer. I loved the 4 reasons to date online article. I could definitely use some help in that department. Btw, I was a creative writing intern for 2 years, so I totally understand that rush. :)

  3. compliments! I do not understand English very well and helped me with the translators, but I read your articles!

  4. Writing is so much fun for me. I don't do it in big articles like you :P but just writing on my blog or in my journal is so special to me. Those are my places to be 100% myself and I love it.