Tuesday, April 14, 2015

YouTube: Hard Candy Hits and Misses

It’s hard to believe it. I just posted my fourth video on the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel. Even though it is very early days and I still have a lot of growing to do, I am starting to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Before? I filmed for ages and ages and cut together the best bits. This time? I was able to film straight through. Maybe it was a fluke…. or maybe I am starting to relax a little bit more. Whatever the reason, I am loving this new creative experience. It’s different. It’s scary. It’s fun.

My latest video is all about Hard Candy. They are by far one of my all-time favourite drugstore makeup brands. Over the years, I have tried an awful lot of their products. Some were absolutely amazing and others were a total letdown. It’s just one of those things! Which is what inspired this video. I was in the middle of using a few new Hard Candy products – totally loving how they performed – and then I started to think about some of the others. You know, the not so amazing products.

So, what are the hits? What are the misses? And which products fall in between? Take a look at my latest YouTube video to find out! 

There are definitely some fantastic products from Hard Candy. Which is exactly why I love them so much. And why I continue to try out product after product. Despite some of the misses, I keep coming back. Because the products that work well manage to rival anything I have found in high-end makeup stores. That is definitely worth the gamble!

Overall, Hard Candy is a stand out drugstore brand. Find out which products are worth the cash by checking out on the creation of beauty is art. YouTube channel. Please like, comment, and subscribe!

Do you love Hard Candy? What products have you tried?

xo Shannon


  1. Very nice video! You look gorgeous!

  2. the ring you are wearing on the video is so beautiful.
    great video and amso impressed ,you are so confident and the video is well edited
    make more videos i look forward to watching them

  3. Oh verycute blush sweetie


  4. Beautiful video, dear. ^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  5. Woah nice review! I'm definitely checking this out!


  6. Cute video!! Congrats on your fourth!

  7. nice review

  8. Excellent video, I like!

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♡


  9. corro a vedere il tuo video cara cosi' mi iscrivo al tuo canale!

  10. I'm starting my own venture into Youtube land sooooon, it's scary babe! Especially with all the crazy professional videos I'm seeing lately but you know what?...They all started somewhere ;D lol LOVE seeing this side of you, you really are a natural!

    Thank you for visiting my blog babe, would love to get your thoughts on my latest 5th anniversary post!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  11. I'm terrible in front of the camera! Def takes getting used to. I've never tried any of these products so need to try out the hits asap:)

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