Saturday, January 4, 2014

a friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

Sometimes, it's nice to go out. For the most part, I am a stay in and watch TV kind of girl. But....I also love getting dressed up. That is why every so often it is fun to put on a cute dress, grab some drinks, and catch up with friends. Over the holidays, I was able to do that a little bit more!

I ended up going to a club with a couple of my friends on Saturday night. Then, I spent New Years Eve with my boyfriend. Since I have been able to actually go out lately, I thought that I would share some of my photos!

Let's start with clubbing on Saturday night. It was super last minute and unexpected. With a pile of work in front of me, I did my best to get everything submitted - and got ready in a flash. I straightened my hair, grabbed a cute strapless dress (with a peacock feather print!) and threw on some super smokey eye makeup. The result?

Then we went out to the club and danced the night away! It was really fun, even though I didn't stay out too late. (I'm not a kid anymore...) Here are some of the pictures from the rest of the evening. 

And then came New Year's Eve. As I mentioned in my last post, I was supposed to be going out with a friend and my boyfriend. Unfortunately, the plans didn't seem to come together. It ended up being a night in with some movies and my boyfriend. Even though I didn't end up having the exciting evening out I dreamed of, it was still nice. Here is our last picture together for 2013:

What did you do for New Years? Have you gone out recently?

xo Shannon


  1. Lovely post! Kisses, Lucy

  2. Hey girl! Love that first picture of you!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by the BEST OF!!! Happy New Year!!!

  3. GORGEOUS makeup! Love the subtle smokey. Ah. It's been years since I last went clubbing. Glad you had fun.
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  4. That's a lovely dress. I love your eye makeup.


  5. How pretty you look in these photos!

  6. Low key New Years Eve's are the best kind!

  7. I love your eye makeup! You look really pretty!

  8. Nice smokey eye and dress. Glad you had a good night!

    I've renamed my blog! It's no longer beauty book.. Come have a look at Beekle. x

  9. beautiful dear!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful make-up *_*

    kisses, Andrea!

  10. You and your friends are so sweet! BTW Love your Makeup!


  11. Me and my boy went out to a restaurant for dinner and then came back home for midnight <3 We raised a glass together as the clock turned twelve, it was wonderful! You look beautiful in these photos. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Happy New Year! How many seasons have you already watched of Mad Men?

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    1. Aww, that sounds so lovely! We just started season two :)

  12. So cute! Love the beautiful makeup.


  13. love your makeup

  14. Love the first pic, stunning!!!

  15. You look stunning, love your makeup! Glad you enjoyed your New Year :)


    xo Jess

  16. Hi Shannon!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Looks like you had a great time, beautiful dress! I went out for New Year, first time in ages, thought by 1am I wanted my bed haha

    Keep in touch xx

  17. Wow, you are so delicious.....your dress is very cool, friends are very important in your life.......very nice post :)

  18. looks like you had a blast! I love your smokey eyes, i'm so bad at eyeshadow, so maaad probs to ya.

  19. Aww you and your friends all look so fabulous!!

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  21. soo pretty

  22. It seems like you had a great time with your friends...The pictures are very beautiful... And as for the New Year's Eve...I believe that being with someone that you love is the most important thing...

    So, have a happy and healthy new year dear

  23. you look really lovely there - love your smoky eye make up!

    Check out my blogpost on New Year and Print-Clashing trend :)
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  24. I am totally the same way!! I love your GNO make up, so sassy!

    ♡Amanda |

  25. stunning :)

    wanna follow each other dear ? let me know !

    Love, Leonita

  26. Love your dress!! And your makeup looked awesome as usual. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings